DATE: FRIDAY    October 16, 1987
 PAGE: B16                                         EDITION: FINAL
 SECTION: NATIONAL                                 LENGTH: MEDIUM

                           STEALTH JET CRASH REPORTED
                           United Press International
    WASHINGTON - A secret Stealth fighter plane crashed during 
exercises 100 miles north of Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, 
killing the pilot, sources said yesterday.
    The F-19 plane, which the Pentagon has not officially 
confirmed exists, is crammed with top-secret technology designed 
to make it virtually invisible to enemy radar. The crash marked 
the fifth time in about 10 years that one of the fighters has 
crashed during tests.
    Sources knowledgeable about the Stealth fighter and bomber 
program told United Press International the fighter crashed 
Wednesday night 100 miles north of*Groom*Lake*on the base during 
exercises simulating combat in Europe.
    An Air Force spokesman said only that an ''Air Force aircraft 
went down.'' He would not confirm the type of plane. Nellis Air 
Force Base, which tests experimental aircraft, issued a statement 
last night saying that the  pilot, who was not identified, was 
killed in the crash.