MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 292 August 1992, Page 14-15


By Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

If you haven't yet made next summer's vacation plans, consider Dr. Boylan's recent itinerary. Just take an extra spare tire and don't say you weren't forewarned!

Dr. Boylan is a licensed clinical psychologist living in Sacramento, CA, and a MUFON consultant. Needless to say, we cannot recommend his extracurricular activities to everyone!

Between April 9 and 15 of this year, I conducted a personal field investigation of several secret military industrial sites where made-in-the-USA UFOs are allegedly designed, manufactured and flight-tested. This intense reconnaissance trip took me from California to Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. I traveled as a casually-dressed ordinary citizen in a four-wheel-drive vehicle with no special military or intelligence clearances. My interest in UFOs and accounts of joint government-EBE operations and technology transfers had been stimulated by my professional work as a clinical psychologist. Various per sons began to show up in my caseload over the past three years who came into counseling for other reasons, but during the course of therapy revealed, or had flashback recall of, encounters and abduction by extraterrestrial beings. Earlier this year I had begun conducting a formal private research project, interviewing and debriefing persons with at least partial memory of a CE-IV experience. Hypnosis was used as necessary. So motivated, I determined to find corroborating evidence on this trip, if available, for the presence of UFOs and alien human contact, primarily because my CE-IV contactees found it so hard to believe the reality of their visitation by EBE's; confirming data would provide helpful reassurance of their sanity. (Not to mention that of their therapist!) My first stop, on April 9, was Tonopah, NV, where I discovered that the U.S. Air Force Air Defense Command (ADC) maintains a headquarters, although the nearest "official" air base - Nellis - is on the edge of Las Vegas, 210 miles to the south. Strange, unless there is a secret aircraft base near Tonopah itself (there is). My next stop was approximately 15 miles east of Tonopah on U.S. 6, where a paved road leads south 25 miles through desert flats to the extremely secure Tonopah Test Range (TTR). Although this is where the Stealth F-117A fighters were kept until declassified, it is no longer an Air Force Base, having been taken over by the Department of Energy's weapons development and refinement organization, Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) of Albuquerque, which is one of the defense budget enterprises of AT&T. Sandia is heavily into Star Wars refinement, with nuclear fusion, electromagnetic pulse and particle beam weapons, extreme magnetic fields, and laser research, among other things. Thus, SNL's Tonopah Test Range is conveniently located only 60 air miles from Area 51, where anti-gravity research has reportedly reached a high level of execution. I proceeded next towards the secret saucer test range at the Groom Lake (Area 51) and Papoose Lake (Area S4) complex. At Warm Springs, NV, I took State Highway 375 for 62 miles to Rachel, NV, where a number of the employees of Area 51 live. It is also home to the Little Ale Inn restaurant and bar, where flyers from Area 51 sometime stop in for a beer or two. The genial hosts, Joe and Pat Travis, have a veritable museum of UFO photos and lore on their walls. With precise directions from them and the assistance of my US Government Survey map (Pahranagat Range, NV) of Groom and Papoose Lakes area, I drove about 24 miles southeast on Highway 375 to the infamous Black Mailbox which marks the intersection with the dirt road leading southwest to Area 51. It is 20 miles to Groom Lake base, but the military reservation boundary is five miles out from there. I drove 10 miles down the road (and was therefore still five miles from the military reservation boundary), when I passed a parked, unmarked Bronco with a light-bar on the roof. Two men were sitting inside wearing camouflage jumpsuits and no insignia, but armed. As I drove past I immediately noticed a pulling on my drive train. I stopped and got out, to discover that my rear tire on the side facing the Bronco was completely shattered. Although the tread was good, there was a sidewall puncture (courtesy of a silenced bullet?). As I started to change my tire, the camouflaged duo drove up and asked sarcastically, "having any trouble?" They probed as to whether I was headed "up ahead," and whether I had a badge (photo ID). When I said no, they replied, "No use going up there, you can't get in." I asked if there was a closed gate, and they replied affirmative.

Since I had learned earlier that security at Areas 51 and S4 is provided by EG&G and the Wackenhut Corporations (with NSA and CIA ties), I concluded I was not going to get my rights to unhindered travel honored by these two. So I strategically retreated until nightfall. Under cover of darkness I again traveled down Groom Lake Road but stopped a half-mile short of where the armed duo's truck was parked. I set up binocular watch around 9 p.m., facing west and scanning just above the jagged ridgeline of the Groom Mountain Range. I was not disappointed. About 9:15 p.m. an intensely burning gold orb of light rose above the range, hovered, and glided slowly sideways. The intensity of the radiating light was directly proportional to the power demand of the maneuver being executed. Thus the orb grew extremely bright as it rose upward, and when it turned. After about four minutes the orb descended below the ridgeline.

About 9:40 p.m. a second orb of super-intense white light with bluish tones arose, reached an estimated height of 1500 feet, hovered, then drifted slowly south, then reversed and drifted north and hovered again. After this the craft began blinking and then began a series of maneuvers difficult to describe and almost defying the laws of physics.

It jumped from one position to another, changing positions almost simultaneously over a distance of ahout (?) feet in two-thirds of a second, in a crazy quilt pattern of sideways, crisscrosses and ups and downs, in a random tic-tac-toe kind of sequencing. The craft kept up these split-second gyrations for several minutes in an incredible display of ability to defy inertial and gravitational forces. No fighter plane could ever execute such maneuvers. None could turn so fast as to per form right angle and direction-reverse maneuvers without any turning radius and so fast that the craft seemed almost to be in two positions at the same time. Any pilot in a conventional aircraft attempting such maneuvers would have been slammed against his seat and other restraints so hard as to be knocked unconscious, or at least left dizzy and faint from inertial shifts. Clearly this craft is not reliant on the limitations of gravitational and inertial forces.

The blue-white orb of light finally paused and hovered, and then began tracking downrange in a south-southwesterly direction above the ridgetops. I followed it in binoculars for another 15 minutes or so before it finally became too small to view.

About 10:20 p.m. another intensely burning, bright yellow orange radiating orb arose above the Groom Range, and began blinking upon reaching the 1500-foot hovering height. This third craft did a rather modest bumble-bee-dance set of maneuvers when compared to the second, executing the turns rather slowly. It then went into a pulsing pattern, blinking once as a sharp distinct orb, followed by a second blink in which it appeared as a smeared patch of light. This one-two, one-two pattern persisted as it slowly proceeded downrange at perhaps ninety miles per hour. I followed it about 15 miles as well before it became indistinguishable from the stars.

While I use the word orb to describe these burning bright craft, I feel free to call them saucers because of corroborative information from two sources. The first is a telephoto photograph of a similar orb above Area 51 taken last year, enlarged and enhanced for detail, on display at the Little Ale Inn. The other source is Bob Lazar, a physicist formerly employed at Area S4. His description of the HPAC's (Human Powered Alien Craft) he claimed he helped build matches the telephoto picture of the gold orb seen over Areas 51 and S4. Lazar states that the HPAC's are powered by nuclear fusion. On April 11, I reconnoitered Los Alamos National Laboratories, a Department of Energy (DOE) complex at Los Alamos, NM, where the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory researches the relationship of magnetic and gravitational fields. On April 12, I did reconnaissance on Sandia National Laboratories, another DOE complex, inside Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, where I learned that sustained nuclear fusion, magnetically contained, was achieved seven years ago. (Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in California is also heavily into nuclear fusion research using lasers.) These labs conceivably provide much of the technical research for any human-powered, anti-gravitational craft. But the actual production takes place elsewhere. I headed west to California. Northeast of Los Angeles in the Antelope Valley portion of the Mojave Desert are the "secret" Black Budget aircraft production facilities of Lockheed (Helendale), McDonnell Douglas (Llano) and Northrop. Northrop's facility is located on the huge Tejon Ranch in the Tehachapi Mountains, near the mouth of Little Oak Canyon. Here is where the Made-In-America flying saucers are purportedly built. I drove west of Lancaster on Highway 138 to 190th Street, turned north for three miles to the Los Angeles Kern County line, parked and got out my binoculars. Between 3-5 a.m. on April 16, I witnessed four short test flights of the seemingly same intensely-burning, bright yellow-orange orbs I had seen over Areas 51/S4. The first one lifted off around 3:15 a.m. On the ground it had looked like a parked passenger airliner in the dark an elongated shape with a row of lighted panels like airline windows. As it began to power up and leave the ground, however, the entire frame began to emit powerful throbbing light. Even from seven miles away through crisp desert air, the light radiating from this saucer dazzled my eyes. After rising an estimated 500 feet in the air, the HPAC began to travel southwest about l/3 mile, then hover, then slowly fly back towards the Northrop plant. Approximately half an hour later a second intense orb of the same color lifted off. In all, 3 HPAC's were test-flown short hops from the southwest hangar area. A fourth one flew later from the northeast staging area in a due-East l/3 mile test loop. This appears to be production testing, with the lengthy field testing taking place at Area S4. The United States Black Budget military-weapons industry complex is theoretically assembling a fleet of U.S. saucers whose operational capabilities make the F-117A Stealth fighter look like a biplane. The purpose of this operation can only be guessed at. My hypothesis is that the Hawk elements in the military-intelligence community are preparing for an alien invasion by seeking to have equivalent spacecraft "on our side" for defense, or as part of a first-strike, coordinated with Star Wars electromagnetic-pulse and energy-beam weapons. Your tax dollars at work.


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