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Area 51 Reference List: 1994

Area 51 Reference List: 1994

Below are articles and TV broadcasts that have mentioned "Groom Lake" or "Area 51." Please inform webmaster@ufomind.com of any articles or broadcasts missing from this list. Also please inform us of any errors or unresolved references.

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1994 Print Articles

Latest articles first.
  • 12/26: McClatchy News Service (including Sacramento Bee, Orange County Register and Reno Gazette-Journal): "Air Force: Hoping to get control of 4,000 acres of mountains," by Tom Philp.
  • 12/22: New York Times: "New Element, 111, is detected by German Nuclear Scientists," by Malcolm Browne. (relevant to Lazar's claims of an element 115 powering alien spacecraft) [JS]
  • 12/18: Hearst Newspapers, (including Fort Worth Star-Telegram and reprinted in the Pentagon's Early Bird clipping service, 12/20: "So Secret It Doesn't Exist: Key challenge of lawsuit may be proving base is there."
  • 12/17: Janes Defense Weekly: Cover story on SR-71 replacement programs--and their alleged failure. Synopsis.
  • 12/16: Las Vegas Review-Journal: Editorial cartoon on Area 51: "Goon Lake"
  • 12/6: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Panel Seeks Answers on Groom Lake Buffer." By Keith Rogers.
  • 12/4: The Observer (London, England): Article on Groom hazardous waste suit, by Ed Vulliamy (visited Rachel 11/29-30). Synopsis. [Article was re-reported in newspapers throughout the world, including Le Monde in France on 12/7 and a Sydney, Aust., newspaper 12/5.]
  • 12/4: Aerotech News and Review: "The Changing Face of the Nevada Test Site." By Peter Merlin.
  • 12?/94: Smithsonian Air and Space: Article on "Groomstock '94", by Byron Harris.
  • 12/94: Wired Magazine, "Kaboom: The Only Thing that separates the men and the boys is the amount of dynamite in their Toys." By A.J.S. Rayl. Account of Bob Lazar's annual pyrotecnics extravaganza in the Nevada desert.
  • 11/94: MUFON Journal: 'Larry King Live at Area 51." Cover story by Dennis Stacy. Cover photo of Larry King on set (65k).
  • 11/94: Forbes:
  • 9?/94: FringeWare Review #5: "Weird Science Goes Camping" (review of Area 51 Viewer's Guide) by Erika Whiteway
  • 11/30: The Indiana Lawyer: "Lawyer want to unlock secrets of Nevada Air Base," by Mike Magan. Lawyer Steve Hofer.
  • 11/28: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Professor: U.S. Must Admit to Base." By Warren Bates.
  • 11/11: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "National Security Defense Cut From Groom Lawsuit," by Keith Rogers.
  • 11/10: George Washington University (Press Release): "Department Of Justice Moves To Strike Its Own National Security Defense In Groom Lake Environmental Crime Case"
  • 11/4:Aerotech News and Review: "Lockheed's Rich confirms: no 'Aurora'."
  • 11/1: George Washington University (Press Release): "GW Law Professor Jonathan Turley Files For Change Of Venue From Nevada To Washington, D.C. In Groom Lake Environmental Crime Case"
  • 10/6: The Rebel Yell (Univ. Nevada Las Vegas), "King's TNT Special Sheds Light on Groom Lake," by James Embree.
  • 10/2: Las Vegas Review-Journal, "Groom Lake Spotlight Grows Bigger," by Susan Greene.
  • ?/?: Las Vegas Review-Journal: Bat wing plane
  • ?/?: L.V. R-J: Booms.
  • 9/30: San Francisco Chronical: "Larry King in Alien Territory."
  • 9/18: San Diego Union-Tribune: "It's a bird... a plan... an air base: Military won't confirm existance of test grounds; UFO fans drawn." By Pat Flynn. (Page One feature.)
  • 9/16: Aerotech News and Review: Brief on toxic suit.
  • 9/5: Legal Times: "Target of Suit Doesn't (Officially) Exist," by Benjamin Wittes.
  • 9/94: Omni Magazine: "Cosmic Conspiracy: Six Decades of Government UFO Cover-Ups, Part Six". Feature on Campbell, by Dennis Stacy.
  • 8/29: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Spectators Gather Around For Peek At Secret Air Base: 'Groomstock' takes place to protest the Air Force's larger restriction zone keeping folks away." By Susan Greene.
  • 8/26: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Test site company won't bid: EG&G Inc. announces it will not compete to run the facility when current contracts expire in 1995."
  • 8/15: George Washington University (Press Release): "GW Law Professor Jonathan Turley Files Against The Department Of Defense, National Security Adviser And Air Force For Violation Of Federal Environmental Laws At Top Secret Air Force Base"
  • 8/4: George Washington University (Press Release): "Chief Judge John Garrett Penn Grants Motion That Allows GW Law Professor Jonathan Turley To Protect Anonymity Of Workers In Suit Against EPA"
  • 8/2: George Washington University (Press Release): "GW Law Professor Jonathan Turley Files Against The EPA For Failure To Inspect Secret Air Force Base For Violation Of Federal Environmental Laws"
  • 7/29: The Bay News (S.F.): "Area 51, Where Are Yooouuuu?" Review of the Desert Rat.
  • 7/27: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Low fuel forced King plane to land at Nellis."
  • 7/21, Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Officer arrests man, seizes news videos", by Susan Greene. Glenn Campbell arrested in obstruction.
  • 7/17: San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner: "Area 51." Reprint of 6/22 NYT.
  • 7/94: The Nose: "Flinching Flyboys Face Fanatic Freedom Fighters." Las Vegas hearing. Update of ? 94 article.
  • 7/7: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "No contest pleas for Groom duo."
  • 7/4: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Commander's career soars to new heights." Nellis cmdr comments on F.R. withdrawal.
  • 7/4: New York Times: "Spy Plane That Came in From Cold Just Will Not Go Away in the Senate" SR-71, hints of Aurora cancellation.
  • 7?/94: Trailer Life: "Alamo and Rachel, Nevada."
  • Summer 94: Earth Island Journal: "'Dreamland' Exposed." Reprinted from NORA newsletter.
  • 6/94: Wired: Mention of DR in Top Ten 'Zines. 1 para.
  • 6/94: Pacific Flyer (aviation monthly): "The AF Base that Doesn't 'Officially' Exist." Unidentified satellite image of base is reprinted.
  • 6/25: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Bill allows bombing practice in refuge to continue."
  • 6/24; The New York Times Sunday Magazine, "Area 51" by Donovan Webster. The cold war still rages in the Nevada desert, site of an air base so secret it doesn't exist. [Also ran 7/17 San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner] Visit by reporter and photographer reported in DR#6.
  • 6/15: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Knapp gives Channel 8 a shot in the arm." George Knapp returns to KLAS-TV newscast for special reports.
  • 5/94: UFO Magazine:
  • 5/15: San Diego Union-Tribune: "Alien territory is mecca for UFO fans." Travel article on Rachel. Dismissive. Rachel residents were upset about this one.
  • Spring 94: Citizen Alert Newsletter: "So Who's Really In the Know About Groom Lake?" By DiGregorio.
  • Spring 94: Citizen Alert Newsletter: "Groom Range Land Grab -- Part II." Assessment of F.R. withdrawal, by Campbell.
  • 5/94: Popular Science: "Readers Talk Back." Letters to editor regarding April issue.
  • 5/94: Pilot (U.K.): "The Groom Lake Desert Rats."
  • 5/3: Las Vegas Review-Journal: Justice of the Peace responds to 4/14-15 articles in letter to editor.
  • 5/17: Weekly World News: "Space Aliens Hang Out at Nevada Bar." About the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel.
  • 4/94: The Nose Magazine: "Oh... THAT Secret Base." By Agent X.
  • 4/94: Spirit (SW Airlines in-flight mag.): "Alien Highway."
  • 4/94: Spin Magazine: Visit to Dreamland. By DiGregorio.
  • 4/94: Puget Sound Computer User: "Adventures of Psychospy"
  • 4/94: Omni Magazine: "Project Galileo." Summary of Lazar's claims in his own words.
  • 4/94: Bike: "Area 51: Mountain Bike Surveillance Of The Secret Military Operations, Nuclear Test Sites, And UFO Holding Pens Of Nevada's Great Beyond." By DiGregorio.
  • 4/26: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Officials Won't Reveal Source of Complaint."
  • 4/18: Aviation Week: Paragraph on ABC equipment seizure.
  • 4/15: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Equipment, Videotape Returned to New Crew."
  • 4/14: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Equipment Seized Near Secret Base."
  • 4/13: Dayton Daily News/Cox News Service: "ABC News Gear Confiscated at Base." (Reprinted in L.V. Sun and other papers.)
  • 4/1: Aerotech News and Review: "Dreamland - The Air Force's Remote Test Site."
  • 3/24: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Groom Probe Finds No Toxic Burning." State investigation stymied.
  • 3/20: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Groom Lake Toxic Burning Alleged." Anonymous source provides details. Incl. base map and sidebar on "extravagant living."
  • 3/20: Dayton Daily News: 2-page spread on Groom. [Reprinted in other newspapers, including the Austin American Statesman on 4/3.]
    • "Top Secret." Lead article
    • "The Intrepid Sneak Close To Peek."
    • "One Man Takes On Secret Base." Campbell.
    • "'Earthlings Always Welcome' At Bar, Grill."
  • 3/4: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Land Request Boosts Saucer Heads' Curiosity of Area 51." Column.
  • 3/3: Las Vegas Sun: "Citizens, AF Stir Waters at Groom Lake."
  • 3/3: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Air Force plan for land near base debated." Las Vegas hearing.
  • 3/2: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Air Force 'Buffer Zone'." Editorial on land grab.
  • 3/2: Boston Globe: "My Date with an Alien". Campbell.
  • 3/10: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Lawsuit Planned Against Secret Base." Hazardous waste claims.
  • 3/1: WSDC: "Illegal Road Sensors on Public Land." Map.
  • 3/94: Inforespace (Belgian UFO magazine): "Area 51." by Andre Canizares. A visit to Freedom Ridge--in French!
  • 3/94: Popular Science: "Searching for the Secrets of Groom Lake." Cover story. See DR#4. Copies are $4 plus $2 postage: complete issue.
  • 2/94: Sunday People (U.K.): Article on Little A-Le-Inn.
  • 2/94: MUFON UFO Journal: "Lazar as a Fictional Character." By Campbell.
  • 2/94: Monitoring Times: "Out Foxing the Foxes." How to find road sensors.
  • 2/4: Aerotech News and Review: "Secret AF Base Center Of Controversy."
  • 2/24: Lincoln County Record: "Natl. Magazine 'Spies' on Groom Lake." Popular Science.
  • 2/23: Las Vegas Sun: "AF Takes Blame For Boom."
  • 2/23: Las Vegas Review-Journal: Story on Booms.
  • 2/22: WSDC: "How to Evade Engle Act at Groom Lake, Nevada."
  • 2/22: Nellis AFB: Press release on mysterious booms heard in Las Vegas.
  • 2/1: Las Vegas Review-Journal: Editorial cartoon on AF land needs.
  • Reno Articles.
  • 1/2: Washington Post: "The Pentagon's Secret Garden." [by Sweetman]
  • 1/3: Aviation Week: Letter by John Andrews protesting land grab.
  • 1/5: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Seven people arrested in Groom Lake incident." [Trespassers]
  • 1/29: Las Vegas Review-Journal: Editorial re: Lazar and Knapp [dismissive].
  • 1/30: Las Vegas Review-Journal: "Air Force buffer zone for Groom Lake base to be discussed." [Hearings]
  • 4/94: Wired Magazine: "A Visit to Dreamland." (with 2-page photo of Groom base). Sidebar to article on "Stealth Watchers," by Phil Patton.
  • America's Defense Monitor

Television Broadcasts

Below is a partial list TV broadcasts on Groom Lake. Most are brief news reports of 3-5 minutes. Some reports by local TV stations were rerun by affiliates in other cities.


  • 11/25: CBS Evening News: Report on Groom Suit. Abstract.
  • 11/?: Sixty Minutes: Report on Ben Rich, former chairman of Lockheed Skunkworks, with passing mention of Groom.
  • 11/6 & 11/7: WBBM-TV (Chicago), report on Groom on evening news. 10pm.
  • 11/10: KLAS-TV & KNTV-TV (Las Vegas), Reports on pretrial hearing on Groom hazardous waste case.
  • 10/1: TNT Cable Network: Larry King UFO Special. Two hours, live from Rachel, Nevada.
  • 9/19: Montel Williams Show,
    • Montel targeted on 20/20. 9/16
  • 9/11: The Crusaders: Segment on UFOs with visit to F.R. Tapes ($29.95) and transcripts ($6) available by calling 800-777-TEXT.
  • 9/10: Crusaders
  • 8/28: KLAS-TV (Las Vegas): Report on F.R. campout. Lightweight.
  • 8/1: KNBC, Los Angeles Ch. 4: Report on Groom Lake.
  • 8/1: ABC World News Tonight: Report on Hazardous Waste Suit. Abstract.
  • 7/27: Encounters episode on Freedom Ridge. Transcripts:
  • 7/4: ARD TV (Germany): Report on Groom Lake, filmed 7/1. See frame grab of Cammo Dudes.
  • 5/?: Tue & Weds, Salt Lake City, [rebroadcast on L.A. KNBC on 6/7.]
  • 5/?: Fresno Channel 30: Report on Groom Lake UFO outing.
  • 5/27: WFAA Dallas: Update report on Groom Lake and TTR.
  • 4/20: 48 Hours (CBS): "Are We Alone?" Show on UFOs. (No mention of Groom, but Dr. Steven Greer, later a guest on 10/1 Larry King Special, is profiled). [Transcript available from Burrelle's Transcripts, 800-777-8398.]
  • 4/19: ABC World News Tonight: Report on Groom Lake. Transcript, Abstract
  • 3/3: CNN: Report on land grab hearing and Freedom Ridge visit (3 min.). A 5 min. version appeared on CNN's "Science & Technology Week" on 3/5.
  • 3/1-3: Las Vegas KLAS 8: F.R. Visit, land grab hearing.
  • 3/94: Los Angeles Fox 10: Report on Aurora. Nuttin new.
  • 2/94: San Diego Ch. 10: Visit to Rachel. Shallow.
  • 2/94: Fox Network: Encounters: UFO Report, Hour special with segment on Groom. Slick, no real info.
  • 2/94: Boston WLVI 56: 3-part Rachel/F.R. visit.
  • Numerous reruns of Fox

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