Type: Newspaper article
Publication: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Date: July 21, 1994
Page: 6B
Author: Susan Greene

A Lincoln County sheriff's deputy arrested activist Glenn Campbell on
Tuesday and confiscated videotapes from a news crew working near the Air
Force's secret Groom Lake base.

Early Tuesday evening, a reporter and a camera operator from KNBC-TV in
Los Angeles were interviewing Campbell - a government oversight activist
and leader of the Rachel-based Secrecy Oversight Council - on public
land near Freedom Ridge, a viewpoint overlooking the secret installation
12 miles to the west.

Reporter Chuck Henry and camerawoman Julie Yellen assert that they
obeyed signs posted in the area and did not videotape the restricted
base itself. But they said they intended to emphasize the absurdity of
being able to see the base yet not photograph it.

Lincoln County sheriff's Sgt. Doug Lamoreaux arrived on the scene at the
request of unidentified security guards who accused the crew of direct-
ing their camera toward the base, Campbell and Henry said.

When Henry refused to turn over the videotape for inspection by the Air
Force, Lamoreaux threatened to seize them without a warrant, Campbell
and Henry said. Campbell then reached into the news crew's vehicle and
locked the door to block seizure of the tapes that were inside.

Lamoreaux arrested Campbell on a charge of obstructing a police officer.
Without a search warrant, Lamoreaux rummaged through the KNBC-TV crew's
equipment and confiscated five of their videotapes, Campbell and Henry

"It's a disturbing precedent to see film seized without a warrant,"
Campbell said. "The important thing is that people are being interfered
with on public land."

Although Henry and Yellen were not arrested in the incident, KNBC-TV
plans to legally pursue the case.

"I was shocked that they intimidated and harassed us, that they went
through our vehicle without a search warrant or even probable cause, all
because of a base they say doesn't exist," Henry said.

Lincoln County sheriff's office did not respond Wednesday to phone calls
regarding Campbell's arrest. Officials at the Air Force's Office of
Special Investigation in Washington, D.C., could not be reached for

The incident was the third since March in which Lincoln County sheriff's
deputies detained news crews working near the secret base.


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