Weekly World News, May 17, 1994, page 45

Watering Hole is Out of This World

Space Aliens Hang Out at Nevada Bar

By Joe Berger / Staff writer

Rachel, Nev. -- The Little A'Le'Inn may not look like much, but the dusty pub in the middle of the Nevada desert is one of the most fascinating places on the planet--because it's the only bar on Earth where space aliens come to wet their whistles!

Local folk who frequent the tiny tavern hardly bat an eye these days when a visitor from some faraway solar system strolls in and plops down at a corner table.

"Some of these spacemen look pretty strange, but some of them look so much like us you'd never know they weren't human if they didn't act so odd," says easygoing Joe Travis, who runs the remote roadhouse with his wife Pat.

"The other day one of 'em came in and sat right over there by the slot machines for 12 hours. The entire time, he never said anything, never ate anything, never drank anything -- and never even went to the bathroom.

"Then, when closing time came he just got up, walked out the door and disappeared. We didn't make a nickel off that guy."

But more often, the A'Le'Inn's interplanetary patrons grab a bite to eat and something to drink before zooming off into the sunset. And they pay their tab with crisp green bills.

"I don't know where they get their money, but I'm glad they've got it," Pat Travis says. "There are hardly enough real people around here to keep this place open."

Though Earthlings are scarce, UFO experts say there are more E.T.'s strolling around this sleepy hamlet north of Las Vegas than anyplace else on Earth, thanks to a constant stream of starship traffic in and out of nearby Nellis Air Force Base.

Researchers swear the Pentagon is doing more than testing super-sophisticated warplanes at Nellis. They say it's also conducting tests on nine captured alien spaceships stowed in hangars at the base -- and meeting on the sly with the occupants of countless UFOs that zip in and out of Nellis every day.

And when the top-secret meetings are over, it seems, the E.T.s often head for the Little A'Le'Inn (pronounced A-Lee-Inn) to unwind.

"You never know when they're going to pop in and you never know what they're going to look like when they do," insists Pat Travis. "But they pretty much keep to themselves, and our regulars just leave them alone. This is a real friendly place." And the enterprising Travises, who bought the inn six years ago, keep it friendly by making sure their customers feel right at homečno matter what planet they hail from.

"Earthlings Welcome" proclaims a sign outside the front door of the converted trailer And a few feet away, another sign invites UFO crews to come in and quaff a few.

A wooden replica of a flying saucer sits outside the bar and a papier-mache alien's head is perched atop the jukebox. The restaurant's favorite offering is the Alien Burger -- made from unmutilated cattle -- and the bar's best selling drink is a concoction called the Beam Me Up, Scotty.

But despite the frivolous trappings, those aliens snooping around Rachel are no joke to the cowpokes, ranchhands and assorted good ol' boys who belly up to the A'Le'Inn bar every day at dusk.

"A lot of our customers have been abducted by aliens," Pat Travis says. "Around here, nobody kids them about it."

And Pat herself insists an to invisible creature from another world has been her constant companion for months.

"Three pyschics have told us that beings can't see are present in this bar, and one of them is with me all the time," she says. "We call him Archibald and he's been a good friend."

One day recently, the unsuspecting lady was barrelling down Highway 375 when Archibald's voice sounded out loud and clear.

"He told me, Pat, slow this car down!" I slowed down from 65 miles an hour to 35 and suddenly there were two big black bulls in the highway right in front of me. If he hadn't warned me, I'd have been killed for sure.

"So around here nobody laughs about space aliens. One of them saved my life."

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Photo Captions

DUSTY PUB has made headlines around the country for serving aliens [Photo of clipping apparently adapted from an earlier Wall Street Journal article]

"EARTHLINGS WELCOME" reads a sign at the only bar on Earth that serves both humans and aliens! [Photo of inn from outside.]

FULL-SIZE alien photo on the barroom door helps visiting E.T.s feel at home.


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