Type:  Wire report
Organization:  Associated Press
Date: March 20, 1996  

Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming epic adventure film INDEPENDENCE
DAY (ID4) explores the great "What If?"                                    
What if visitors from another world showed up?  What if tomorrow      
morning, you walked out of your door and saw an enormous spaceship            
hovering over your entire city? And what if you learned that the              
same thing was happening across our planet?                            
While you will have to wait until the opening of INDEPENDENCE              
DAY on July 3 for the answer to "What if...?" the response to the             
equally intriguing question of "Where?" will be disclosed much                 
sooner.  For on April 17 and 18, the worlds of state politics, UFOs           
and Hollywood will come together for the unveiling and dedication of           
one of the nation's current focal points of UFO discussion --          
Nevada's "Extraterrestrial Highway."                                   
The announcement was made Wednesday by Nevada Governor Bob
Miller, and Robert Harper, president of marketing at 20th Century

Formerly known as Nevada State Route 375, the Extraterrestrial
Highway is located 140 miles northeast of Las Vegas.  Most
significantly, it is situated just outside the top-secret Air Force
base known as Area 51.  The facility has long been purported to be
the home of an alien research project, and UFO watchers and
believers regularly travel across the highway to congregate around
the terrain surrounding the off-limits base.  Sightings of strange
phenomena are an everyday occurrence in the region.

The gala unveiling and dedication will get a starry kick-off in
Las Vegas on April 17, when Governor Miller and Fox host a special
screening of selected scenes from INDEPENDENCE DAY, followed by a
press and V.I.P. reception at Planet Hollywood.  Several of the ID4
film makers and stars are also expected to participate.

The following morning, a large convoy of UFO watchers and movie
fans, many of whom were winners of special promotional contests held
across the country, will gather in Las Vegas, at a location to be
determined, in buses, limos, helicopters and R/Vs.  The giant
ET HWY/ID4 convoy will then journey to the town of Rachel, which is
next to the highway, for the unveiling and dedication ceremonies.

Activities on site will include welcoming speeches by Governor
Miller and Nevada state officials, presentation of the key to the
Pioneer Territory to the ID4 stars and film makers, a panel
discussion with some of the nation's leading UFO experts, and
distribution of special ET HWY/ID4 commemorative items.  The event
will culminate with the unveiling of the ET HWY signs and ID4
monument.  The monument will serve as a beacon for possible `close
encounters' with visitors arriving from the far reaches of outer

INDEPENDENCE DAY is the creation of the film makers behind 1994's
smash hit, "Stargate" - director/executive producer/co-creator
Roland Emmerich and producer/writer Dean Devlin.  With ID4, they
have revolutionized and re-defined the way big-event movies are
produced through a new level of ground breaking effects techniques
and spectacular, never-before-seen images.  In this epic adventure
film, strange phenomena surface around the globe.  The skies
ignite.  Terror races through the world's major cities.  As these
extraordinary events unfold, it becomes increasingly clear that a
force of incredible magnitude has arrived; its mission: total
annihilation over the Fourth of July weekend.  The last hope to stop
the destruction is an unlikely group of people united by fate and
unimaginable circumstances.

Twentieth Century Fox is a unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, a
News Corp. company.


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