Airport Purchases Apartment Complex Near Janet Terminal

Future of Research Center Annex Unclear

DATE: March 22, 1996
PUBLICATION: Unpublished
AUTHOR: Glenn Campbell

Clark County has purchased the Oasis Apartment Complex, across the street from the air terminal where workers depart for Area 51, according the management company that runs the complex. The apparent aim of the purchase is to allow future expansion of the airport.

The sale was completed on Feb. 16 for a rumored price of $20-25 million. The former owner was Southern Nevada Income Properties. ConAm Management Corp of Las Vegas will continue to operate the complex of 128 apartments in 16 two-story buildings. The resident manager, Alice Jennings, said there are no plans to evict residents.

The airport is currently engaged in a project to widen its north-south runway to accommodate larger jets. While this will not impact the apartment complex directly, it may result in a higher noise level.

One of the residents of this complex is Glenn Campbell, Director of the Area 51 Research Center, whose apartment faces the EG&G "Janet" terminal. At this unmarked terminal, workers board Boeing 737 jets for their daily commute to the restricted military bases at Groom Lake and Tonopah Test Range.

Clark County has purchased a number of properties around the airport in recent years, including two trailer parks on Tropicana Ave. beneath the runway approach zones. Residents there have be offered generous cash settlements to leave their rented trailer spaces so the area can be turned into an unoccupied safety zone.

However, there is no indication of any similar moves at the Oasis Complex. The complex continues to solicit new residents and invest in upkeep of the facilities. Manager Jennings points out that Clark County recently paid to put a new roof on the laundry room. She believes they would have only patched the roof if they had intended to raze the complex anytime soon. However, the complex has ceased to offer one-year leases to residents and now offers only six month leases. The county's current management contract with ConAm is for one year. That would seem to imply that the soonest the county could raise the complex would be Feb. 1997.


Glenn Campbell, Area 51 Research Center, Rachel, Nevada