Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1996 22:10:43-0400 
Subject: Fwd: Buzz Aldrin

8/1/96 episode of Politically Incorrect

Nancy Friday- Author Olivia Goldsmith- Author Kevin Nealon-
Actor/Comedian Buzz Aldrin- Astronaut

In the Politically Incorrect episode, Buzz Aldrin mentions Area 51 in
two instances during the segment where they talk about the Penthouse
alien photos. He essentially says that con-men are using the base as a
supposed repository of Aliens to take advantage of gullible people
living in a fantasy world..... UFO nuts, I think he means.

He're's a transcript of where Buzz goes off. Buzz is relatively animated
in this segment.

Bill Maher- You know the government, You worked for the government,
especially in this capacity, I mean, the government, God bless them,
they try, but, I mean, they don't even have what it takes to keep a big
secret like this, do they?

Buzz Aldrin- Not for 40 years, not about alien bodies and Roswell, but I
certainly hope that the government can keep a secret at Area 51, because
we're, they're protecting us against individual terrorists, they're
developing countermeasures out there, and they're developing the
security of this nation.....

Bill Maher- Well, they're doing a hell of a job this week, let me tell
you. Allright, we've got to take a break.


Note the use of terrorism as the boogey man to justify the base. Not
quite as sexy as the Russians. And I'm still trying to figure out how
stealth can be implemented against any future Unibomber, Hezbollah, and
right-wing militia gun-nuts.

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From: (William Seiber) 
Date: 96-08-08 17:01:02 EDT

Hey, I just happened to catch the program today on CNN. It was very
interesting what Aldrin said. It started out with the panel of guests
talking about life on the planet of Mars. The Woman ofor CNN asked
Aldrin if he thought that there was any way that the Government was
hiding info on aliens, she did not ask him about area 51 specifically.
The most interesting thing was Aldrins response. He said "What we do out
at area 51 is test certain objects for the military and the national
security." The reason I find this so interesting is that he made it
sound like HE was involved at groom also he said the word "objects"
which was very interesting. This might be a possible lead that most of
our astronauts are active at groom. Might want to check to see if Aldrin
has ever had a PO box at Pittman station. :)

hope this helps

Will Seiber