Type: Newspaper article
Publication: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Date: Mar. 30, 1996
Page: 1B
Author: Tony Batt, Donrey Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON -- Gov. Bob Miller has raised his national profile this year, but apparently not enough.

The March 30 issue of National Journal includes a picture of the Nevada governor with a flattering full-page article touting how a "new Democrat" governor has succeeded where President Clinton has failed. Unfortunately, the article is about Georgia Gov. Zell Miller, and the picture identifies the Silver State's Miller as the Peach State's Miller.

"I made a mistake. It's pretty simple," said Richard Bloom, the National Journal photographer who mixed up the governors' pictures.

Steve Tompkins, a spokesman for Gov. Zell Miller, said the governor was aware of the article and the photo but declined to comment.

Nevada's governor was not so reticent.

"Gee, I didn't know that when we designated an extraterrestrial highway in Nevada that strange things would start to happen so quickly," he said through spokesman Richard Urey. "I guess this media confusion is the beginning of unexplained events here on planet Earth. So I just have to live with it."

Miller's tongue-in-cheek reference was to a 100-mile stretch of dusty highway that skirts the mysterious Groom Lake military installation. The road has become a magnet for seekers of UFOs, and was recently dubbed the Extraterrestrial Highway.

As vice chairman of the National Governors' Association, Miller has made several trips outside Nevada this year, and he attracted the national media.

Perhaps when he becomes the association chairman in July, the weekly periodical will figure out which Gov. Miller he is.