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Area 51 Comments

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Lets Think

In politics an unwritten rule is evident enough to conclude the partial identity of alien conspiracy. This rule can be observed like this: Why is the equation(gov+conspracy=coverup*) answered-(gov. coverup)? A pre-formulated plan is the reason why answers are non existant. The obvious (gov involvement) can conclude that the gov. is not responsible and Secret govnmts. are. Above the law would be my choice to conceal top secret technology (51,A4,N9).

-- Dr.Vultzer ( ) 1/12/00 (#410)

I think that the government is doing something they dont want us to know about. They have high tech security, false statements on record, and no logical explanation for the incident in Roswell. In 1997 the government released a 231 page statement claiming that the bodies some thought were dead aliens were actually "dummies." Give me a break!!!

-- whatever ( ) 10/27/99 (#409)

I am from the planet namek I must inform earth is under attack by a parasite called a "yeerk" please do not be alarmed they are only here for samples of earth's crust so they know if the planet is good enough to stay here as their home, the one I know is called llim648 of the planet cheehe is the one who informed me so please do not be alarmed.

-- aftran ( ) 9/25/99 (#408)
Area 51 (red herring)

I personally think that the US goverment runs Area51 as a red herring so that the majority of investigators will focus their attention on that area , leaving other bases open to testing on anything that they want without fear of intrusion .

-- Rob ( ) 8/19/99 (#407)
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