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Area 51 Comments
January-August 1997

Comments posted by users regarding Area 51, January-August 1997

 Reader Comments Regarding "Area 51 January-August 1997" - Latest First
My experience in Roswell, New Mexico

My family and I just recently took a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada where it seems Area 51 is located. To my understandings, I thought Area 51 is located in Roswell, New Mexico. During our vacation, my family and I decided to visit our relatives down in New Mexico where they told me that it was located there. While driving home from our trip, we had to pass by Roswell and the town is full of U.F.O. characters. Everywhere you go there are U.F.O characters, ex.1 in store windows instead of manaquins there are U.F.O's dressed up in the latest fashion clothing. and ex.2 there are advertisments of hotels where the billboard said "WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO STAY IN YOUR GALAXY?????".

-- anonymous ( ) 8/26/97 (#333)
Is it True or is it a Lie

I wonder if the goverment really tries to keep it a secret, if it really happend . I mean why would they hide such informatin. I could imaginate that such Lifeforms where ever they may be from has a Teknolegy that is so for advanced that it would be a fatal mistake, not to reveall it to the Public. Just think of all the Medical Tech. that we could gain from them, I mean It would probartly save 100.000 People at least or cure AIDS. But then again are we ready for such a historic event. It will most defently schake any kind of Religion in their ground.

-- Danni Hansen 8/26/97 (#332)

UFO'S have been hid out at hanger 18 and area 51 for 50 some years.I know a person who used to work at 18,lets call him buck he gaurded the Corona reckage in 47-52 andhandled some it was tinfoil like stuff only couldn't be broken check me out at

-- SNiperSPY 8/22/97 (#330)
You have no idea

You have no idea what is going on behind those mountains. I was a guard there and I know all the security routes and patrols around all of Nellis and the Groom Lake area. If you know what is there it will change your life, it changed mine. If you really want to know what is there you can e-mail me. I will tell you how to get in. If you don't e-mail don't use Groom Lake Rd. Its just a trap. This is proof if you believe.

-- Anonymous U.S.M.C. Gunny (GS) ( ) 8/19/97 (#329)
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