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The Bob & Gene & John Show

Lazar and Huff turn up on late-night talk radio with their own show. High hopes lead to farce and a luscious flame war between Huff and Lear. No dignity remains intact.

In December, we were surprised to find "UFO Mechanic" R. Lazar and his garrulous sidekick G. Huff running their own late night call-in radio show on an obscure Las Vegas radio station. They had purchased their own Friday night slot for six weeks, apparently just as a lark. UFO Line ran from Dec. 8 through Jan. 12 on Fridays from 11pm to midnight on KLAV, 1230-AM. The boys didn't give out a 900 number or plug any of their products and they had no sermon or shtick like most of the other talk shows on KLAV. The just took calls about UFOs and dismissed many of the claims offered by callers. Lazar critic T. Mahood writes:

I must say I was quite surprised. In contrast to Gene's, shall we say, sarcastic net persona, he came across as quite witty, articulate and charming. As much as saying nice things about Gene makes me squirm, it gets even worse.

The Great Bob was truly amazing. Quite funny, irreverent, and weirdest of all, skeptical! I loved it! Of course with someone as off the scales as Lear, it's easy to appear grounded. Nevertheless, B&G were most fine. I liked these guys (Oooooh...did I really say that??!!)

Mahood was referring to the third show of their series, which was the peak of their form. The quality of the rest of the shows was mixed, and the last one was dreadful, controlled by prank callers, but at least the boys gave it a shot. When the show was on the air, anyone could have called up The Bob and asked him any embarrassing question they wanted. No one actually took advantage of this opportunity and no new ground was broken, but you can no longer accuse Lazar of being inaccessible.

Here is a list of the shows, along with detailed reviews on a couple of them. The reviews, by G. Campbell, are fairly extensive and include the author's personal commentary.

  1. Dec. 8 -- Guest: George Knapp. We missed it.
  2. Dec. 15 -- Guest: Hypnotherapist Layne Keck. Full report. Respectable performance.
  3. Dec. 22 -- Guest: John Lear. Full report. Best show
  4. Dec. 28 -- No show. "Abducted by aliens," said the announcer.
  5. Jan. 5 -- Guest: John Lear. Topic: God.
  6. Jan. 12 -- Guest: George Knapp. Worst show.

The early promise of the show didn't pan out. The boys never offered any guests other than their usual supporters, so they ran out of fresh material before the end of the series. Nonetheless, Bob & Gene gained a couple points in credibility for trying the experiment.

Moe and Larry of the Three Stooges
Gene Huff and John Lear air their differences on the internet newsgroups.

Huff/Lear Flame War

Unfortunately, Gene then lost all his extra points in a recent flame war with J. Lear on the alt.conspiracy.area51 newsgroup. Although "witty, articulate and charming" on the radio, Huff reverted to his usual stream of epithets and innuendo on the newsgroup, which is no less public. That's the real Gene, the one we know and love; the fellow on the radio could only have been an impostor.

Here is the full text of the exchange. It is a fascinating document for Lazar scholars, full of details and dates--none of which Lear and Huff seem to agree on. Both knew Lazar at the time of his alleged employment at "Area S-4," and Lazar confided to both about his experiences; yet, they seem to remember things differently, even for events at which both were present.

The war began when T. Mahood posted the latest in his series of "Lazar Questions" for Gene. Gene usually has the field to himself and is the supreme on-line commander for Lazar information. This time, however, Lear chimed in with a response of his own. Gene replied in his usual style....

Who in the fuck do you think you're talking to, lame brain? Don't try and jump in here with your lies and bullshit because I'll lay the truth on the line and let everyone know what a sorry knucklehead you are. You have no idea what was going on because you were being patronized and still are. Bob Lazar thinks you are absolutely crazy, though that does not mean he doesn't like you. Your friendship looks much different through your eyes than it does his. You're like a retarded cousin that you laugh at but don't admit is part of the family. You would be the last idiot in the world to know who was in and out of the loop.

Huff also called Lear a "dickhead," "fucking idiot," "Richard Milhouse Lear" and "the biggest asshole/lame brain we had ever met."

"But I don't dislike him," said Huff.

Huff summarized: "John has no level of skepticism, no problem solving capability, and no memory. He commands respect because he's a pilot and he's Bill Lear's son."

Lear earns our respect, however, for remaining civil throughout Huff's tirade. The worst Lear had to say about Huff was: "You seem to take great offense when I don't 'remember' things the way you do. It's basically because you have no life without Bob Lazar and I do."

Huff replied: "John, you really need a psychiatrist. Bob and I knew each other and had established a friendship before you even knew who he was. I'm one of the few people who doesn't kiss his ass and we have a mutual respect. Considering Bob's public comments, do you think he respects you? The bottom line is that since I destroyed serious ufology by making the tragic error of introducing you to Bob, Bob could never stop abruptly without having to have your head surgically removed from his ass."

Ah, the warm memories. It seems like only yesterday that Psychospy was the "dickhead" and much of the scatology now heaped on Lear was ours to cherish. Huff was our enemy then, until we kissed and made up [DR#18], and now we feel obliged to come to his defense. People need to understand: Gene's bark is worse than his bite. Sure, he can be incredibly nasty at times, maybe even most of the time, but he would never actually kill anybody, and this is an important distinction. Gene Huff is not Charles Manson. The worst of what he dishes out is verbal, and he is completely democratic about it. As he says, he kisses the ass of no one, and major media outlets get the same rude treatment as insignificant UFO buffs. He will abuse you terribly if you want to talk to Bob Lazar, but that's only because he is looking out for Bob's best interests. Somebody has to do it, and it can't be that lame brain fucking dickhead Lear.

2/18/96: A lurker on the internet has assembled The Wit & Wisdom of Gene Huff, a page of Huff's famous put-downs.

Audio Tapes Available

As a courtesy to scholars, we will sell you cassette copies of any of the radio broadcasts above for $8.00 per show plus our usual postage [ordering info]. The reports linked above may provide sufficient data for most people, but the Research Center is duty-bound to provide these tapes to fanatics who wish to further analyse "The Bob." The quality of the copies may not be great but is audible. Allow two weeks for shipment, since copies are made only as needed. We do not yet have a tape of the first show (Dec. 8), so cannot offer it. Probably the only shows worth getting are Dec. 15 and Dec. 22.

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