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Nixon, Hero of Hungary

As recorded in this epic painting at the Nixon library, our hero broke from protocol and rode in a haywagon to support the Hungarian freedom fighters. What more proof do you need of a Nixon-UFO-Hungary connection? Meanwhile, Campbell's obsession with the dead president seems to have reached unhealthy proportions as his enemies multiply.

Painting of Nixon at Andau

In a recent visit to the Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda, Calif., we immediately spotted the above epic painting, taking up almost an entire wall. Even before we learned it's story, we knew it was destined for the Desert Rat. The inscription only confirmed our intuition...

Nixon at Andau

In the fall of 1956, the Soviet Union brutally suppressed an anti-community revolution in Hungary. At Christmastime, President Eisenhower sent his young vice President, Richard Nixon, on a goodwill mission to build sympathy for over 100,000 refugees who had flooded into camps along the border with Hungary.

After official meetings and a dinner in his honor, Nixon broke away from the constraints of protocol and returned to see what conditions were really like in the camps. He stayed up all night, riding in a haywagon pulled by a tractor as he accompanied the freedom fighters on their rounds through the countryside to search for others who had escaped the Soviet crackdown.

What more proof do you need of a Nixon-UFO-Hungary connection?

The painting is by Hungarian-American artist Ference Daday. Andau is a small Austrian town along the border with Hungary. We passed close to there on our recent Hungary trip. Had we only known, we would have made a pigrimage to the site.

Note the skeptical journalists just to the left of Nixon. They are probably out to get him.

Detail of Nixon at Andau

Campbell and Nixon Merge

And speaking of persecution, Regional Director G. Campbell has suffered some extreme flameage on the internet lately, including the following representative samples: All of this was too much for Campbell who seems to have gone of the deep end in this rambling response. "You won't have Glenn Campbell to kick around anymore," he warned his enemies. Campbell also responded to the kitten abuse charges: "I am not a crook!"

Along the same vein, here's a page for the recent Oliver Stone movie Nixon.

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