Date:  Tue, Jun 11, 1996 2:54 PM PDT
From:  INPrinter
Subj:  Groom Lake Reference
To:    Area51Dir

I attended an airshow at Grissom Air Force Reserve Base in Indiana on 
Sunday June 9, 1996.  The F117 Stealth was on display and also did a 
flying demonstration. The craft was piloted by a British Airforce 
officer(a bit unusual). During the flying demo there was commentary made 
by the ground crew chief about the plane and its unusual history and 
flying characteristics.  I found it noteworthy that one of his comments 
made over the public address system included the following:  "The F117 
Stealth fighter made its maiden flight at Groom Lake...a place that even 
today still does not exist." He then chuckled and went on with his 
commentary about the plane and the rest of its demo flight.  
I guess the Airforce does have a sense of humor(or at least some of its 

Indeed, it is highly usual for someone who worked at Groom during the stealth program to actually say the name. Perhaps the crew chief never went there and was never sworn to secrecy, so he is free to say it. (U- 2 and A-12 personnel don't seem to mind using the "G" word.) --GC