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Is REECo Still At Test Site?

This employment ad for an Environmental Compliance Officer at Mercury, NV, suggests that REECo, a subsidiary of EG&G, is still active at the Nevada Test Site. This is a surprise to us, since we thought both companies had pulled out completely when Bechtel took over the main operating contract for the nuclear test site in January. Perhaps REECo is still a subcontractor to Bechtel. For other job postings, see Los Alamos Human Resources. [Thanks to R. Chambless]

Tacit Blue Unveiling

Air Force Unveils Stealth Technology Demonstrator, Air Force Times, April 30, 1996.
The Air Force announced today one of its most successful technology demonstration programs when it unveiled "TACIT BLUE,"an aircraft which provided valuable engineering data and validated innovative stealth technology advances that aided in the B-2 design, as well as other platforms. The once highly-classified program ran from 1978 to 1985 and was unveiled today because the technologies and capabilities are currently in operational use and knowledge of the program no longer needs protection...

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NRO Admits Accumulating Money

"Spy Agency Admits Accumulating $4 Billion in Secret Money," New York Times, 5/16/96. By Tim Weiner

In a complete collapse of accountability, the government agency that builds spy satellites accumulated about $4 billion in uncounted secret money, nearly twice the amount previously reported to Congress, intelligence officials acknowledged Wednesday...

Advertizement: The Research Center sells a book by author of the above article -- Blank Check: The Pentagon's Black Budget

Test Site Enters Space Age

"Test site enters Space Age: A Washington state company plans to use part of Nevada's desert to launch reusable space vehicles," Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/4/96. By Keith Rogers.
From Atomic Age to Space Age, the Nevada Test Site make a giant leap Monday when an aerospace company announced plans to use part of the nation's nuclear weapons proving ground to launch and land unmanned space vehicles by 1999...

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Commissioner Resigns

Lincoln commissioners resign over budgetbalancing problem." Las Vegas Sun, 6/4/96, by Mary Manning.

One of our few allies in Lincoln County government, Eve "Mad as Hell" Culverwell [DR#2 | DR#26], has resigned her position as County Commissioner in a budget dispute. It had been coming anyway: Her term was set to expire in January, and she had no desire to run again. Culverwell, who survived a lawsuit and recall attempt last year, says she didn't understand the nastiness of Lincoln County politics until she took office. Now she hopes to get the hell out of Lincoln County at the earliest convenience.

Unlike most other Lincoln County residents, who are dull automatons, "Maddie" had imagination and always thought the Rachel UFO circus was great fun. As soon she and her sister heard about the Black Mailbox, they were there to watch the watchers. A chance meeting with an alien from Idaho got them hooked; they've been enjoying the ride ever since. Aliens beware: You don't mess with Maddie, as Ambassador Merlin found out [DR#26], but she has also been a great inspiration to us in our various battles against the forces of evil. We wish her the best in her new life.

Madonna's Hungarian Translation Problems

As reported in DR#28, the aliens may speak Hungarian in part because it is such a difficult language to learn. As reported in this article, even Madonna seems to be having difficulty with translation. (Thanks to G. Wingfield.)

"I Am A Tip-Top Starlet: In Which Something Is Lost, But Much Is Gained, In The Translation," Time Magazine, 5/20/96. By Gary Trudeau.

Las Vegas Buffets

For the sake of science, Regional Director Glenn Campbell has eaten at all the casino buffets and has assembled this list of which ones are worthy.

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