This website by Al Cutillo was preserved for archive purposes in Aug. 1995. Its original site has long vanished. See DR #29 for info.

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The whole concept of Area 51 Research is one of conflict, can you top this, or what can I sell you.... But, not here !!!

In order to properly conduct research, you need researchers. On the alt.conspiracy.area51 newsgroup, there are all too many times that people want to speak their minds, and all too often that they are ridiculed to the point of wanting no more to do with talking about it. Well, if I can assure you of one thing, it will not happen here...

For anybody who has travelled to the town of Rachel, Nevada, one thing can be said...

Something indeed is going on there...

I don't mean that as soon as darkness falls that tens of thousands of alien spacecraft fly through the sky. But, there indeed is a story there. But, unfortunately, when research should be conducted, there is mud slinging. Let's face a few facts: a.) There is NO single authority at Area 51. b.) There is information out there that NO ONE is an expert at.

In one particular "researcher", which I will not name names, who seems to have a two fold goal, one being that they want to be looked at as the "expert", and the second being that they want to make as much money as they can in exploiting the whole area, to the point of having complete catalogs of "related materials", a WEB address to place the orders, another address to check order status, and still another to "order" a purported "news publication" about Area 51...

Well, you will NOT find garbage like that here !!!

If you have something to say, whether it be about Area 51, Luke AFB, the "Secret Canyon" or other related items, POST IT to my E-Mail Address, or fill out one of the Research Project Information Files. If you wish your comment to be anonymous, please make sure you say so at the top of your E-Mail.

How do you explain 243 or so White Jeep Cherokees patrolling an area that does not exist ?

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