Subj:   They're Here
Date:   Mon, Aug 21, 1995 8:58 AM PDT

Glenn, in a recent DR you wrote:

>Bob Lazar recounts a similar curiosity [in a transcript on WWW]:  
>He says that on the wall of the "S-4" laboratory where he worked 
>was a commercial-type poster with a photo of a saucer in flight 
>and the inscription, "THEY'RE HERE!"

I guess you know this poster is also on display in TV's X-files office of
Muldaur? You can see it on occasional repeats.

Subj: Re: They're Here Date: Mon, Aug 21, 1995 From: To: Good catch! Of course, the next question is, which came first? When did X-Files start-- 1993? It was certainly well after Lazar came forward. The "X-Files" was based on the folklore at the time it was created, which certainly included Lazar (even inspired by Lazar perhaps!). The question remains unresolved whether there was a similar poster that pre-dated Lazar's claims. Someone recently suggested that there was. I think it was from the Movie "V," but I've lost the original message. The original poster said, "They're Here!" but the craft was different. It could have inspired either Lazar (if lying) or the people who created the poster Lazar saw at S-4. Glenn

Another reader thinks that the "They're Here!" poster originally came from the TV mini-series "V".

Subj:   V info
Date:   Thu, Aug 24, 1995 4:40 PM PDT
X-From: (Tom Mahood)


I looked into the movie "V" as a source for the "They're Here" posters.  Not 
much luck.  The original show was a two parter airing 5/1/83 and 5/2/83.

The show came back with 3 new parts (This time called "V - The Final Battle") 
on 5/6/84, 5/7/84 and 5/8/84.

Lastly, there was a short lived series that began on 10/26/84.

I took a look at some newspapers and s few magazines from the period around 
the very first showing, but couldn't turn anything up.  I'm still inclined to 
think that was the source however.  I'm going to check some video stores and 
see if any have it.  There might be something in the movie itself.

BTW, the plot is a whole slew of GIANT discs (Like 1 mile in diameter) show up 
in the skies, and the aliens (who look pretty much like us) offer us all sorts 
of fantastic technical advances in exchange for our garbage from which they 
plan to extract chemicals they need.  Of course it's too good to be true, and 
they have sinister motives.  Top scientists start disappearing, those who've 
figured out what they're up to.