McDonald Responds to "Overbearing" Label

The letter below from Bill McDonald is posted on the Desert Rat web site at his request in response to the "overbearing illustrator" label given to him in DR#31. The passage to which he is responding is a report on a UFO conference in Kingman, AZ:

The advanced literature promised 1500 attendees, prominent speakers and "the latest information releases on UFOs and the May 23, 1953 crash near Kingman." R. Chilcoat reports that actual attendance was less than a hundred, with the featured speakers being the not-yet-vanished D. Schmitt (formerly of the band Randle and Schmitt), overbearing illustrator W. McDonald and 50s-era con man F. Stranges. It sounded like the sort of epic debacle Psychospy would have loved to report on, but sadly we could not make it and have only the advanced literature to cherish. [Emphasis added.]

Below is McDonald's reply, transcribed from the handwritten note he gave me at a meeting of Orange County MUFON, Nov. 29. Bill expressed the wish that this letter be published in the next issue of the Desert Rat in response to "that comment" made about him. He also indicated that he had changed personally, and he attributed the change in part to his new fiancé. Care has be taken to reproduce the letter exactly as is, without editing.

--Glenn Campbell, 12/11/95


Dear Psychospy,

* Once upon a time, there was an "Overbearing" illustrator who had an ego the size of mount Rushmore, and a chip on his shoulder equal to that famous section of freeway which colapsed during the Northridge quake (The I-10).

Perhaps this was due to his US Marine Corps heretage or even to all the pathetic whiners, fakers, and over-sensitive "Walking Wounded" individuals he encountered throughout the UFO Community. (Not to be confused with legitimate Experiencers and their associated, appropriate traumas).

Such as this might entail, this forensicly motivated Gumshoe continued on his quest to communicate via all methods of media possible to John Q. Public, his commitment to academic standards of investigation and to the methods used by Cops, Feds, and Forensics personnel in examining evidence, interviewing witnesses and in interpreting good data.

Along the way, personality conflicts, bruised egos and a truckload of "Sour grapes" occured. Valuable original UFO ART was pilfered in a home burglary as well as Zeroxes being stolen from the home of a movie director. Being on TV and in Movies sometimes brings down these consequences.

* After several years of this monkey business, the overbearing illustrator accepted that an attitude adjustment was needed in his "Brain Housing Group." Several decent women had taken valuable time to share positive healing inspirations with him -- Ladies such as Dr. Debra Truncale of MUFON Orange County (State Section Director), Miesha Johnson of Las Vegas, NV, and most certainly his young Bride-to-be Lori Edwards. So over the past year, this overbearing illustrator worked hard to practice tolerance and charity for other people's ignorance, mistaken perceptions or more importantly, their opposing points of view. Compassion & consideration for persons in pain became a PRIORITY regardless of CAUSE. Progress has been demonstrated consistantly. Just ask Bob Dean, Dr. Karla Turner, Michael Lindemann or CERO Researcher Yvonne Smith. The only people in this illustrator's gun sights now are known charlatans such as Dr. Fred Bell, Daryl Sims, Sean David Morton and Cult for Cash Con-men like Michael El-Legion and his wife Aurora! They've got a criminal RAP sheet as long as his arm.

Happy Holidays Psychospy!
William Louis McDonald

P.S. In Regards to the "Not-yet-Vanished" Don Schmitt, Since I've been working with him on our TESTORS model kits of the Roswell Space Craft and the Roswell Aliens, I felt compelled to examine all points of view in regards to the on-going conflicts between Don and his estranged partner KEVIN D. RANDLE. In digging into this controversy and actually interviewing the folks directly connected to the Milwaukee Magazine and Omni Magazine articles, I've come to the conclusions that Schmitt's grievous error in not admitting to his postal carreer was exploited by UFO community opponents such as Karl Pflock and Don Berliner with reporters whom they know. Schmitt has appologized profusely for his ego-caused failure to disclose. Don Deliberately danced with reporters because he was protecting his sources by yanking reporter's strings. In ALL cases including the Dr. La June Foster data and the Nurse Data, Schmitt's contributions have not in any way been compromised. All Roswell data, witness testimonies, and Forensic Composites Remain accurate to the Best of Kevin Randle's and/or my abilities to verify. All We care about is The TRUTH.

PPS. I wouldn't lift a finger to save Frank Strangis or his carreer. I like the old man--nice guy. illuminating opinions on the Dead Sea Scrolls. But any minister who marry's people in Star Trek Uniforms should be put out to pasture

The "Not-so-Overbearing" illustrator

Glen, feel free to edit this down if you need to. The gist is that without sacrificing my standards, I give a shit about people more!