Freud Museum

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From their brochure...

Today THE HOUSE AT BERGGASSE 19 is of great significance to all those interested in psychoanalysis. The centrepiece is the Freud Museum with its Memorial Rooms, which attracts about 45,000 visitors from all over the world each year. Thanks to Sigmund Freud's youngest daughter Anna, the Museum owns the original furniture from the waiting room, nearly eighty objects of Freud's antique collection, and a few of his personal belongings. Anna Freud, who was highly acclaimed in her own right as a child psychoanalyst, contributed a wealth of information which was significant in the reconstruction of the rooms which her father used for his office, and was present when the Museum first opened in 1971.

In the SIGMUND FREUD MUSEUM large format photographs, original documents, reproductions, antiquities and other personal items offer visitors an overview of Freud's life and the birth of psychoanalysis. The photographer Edmund Engelman shot the outstanding photographic series of the room's interior furnishings in the spring of 1938, only a few weeks before Freud fled from Vienna.

Before continuing to the rooms dedicated to Anna Freud, visitors have the opportunity to explore the recently installed media room and experience original film and sound recordings of Sigmund Freud from the period between 1930 and 1939.

Protected from the constant stream of visitors, one of the most extensive research libraries on psychoanalysis in Europe is housed in Freud's former apartment. The LIBRARY is accessible to the public for research purposes, and comprises over 25,000 volumes, including first editions of all Freud's important published works and all of his correspondence that has been compiled to date. The SIGMUND FREUD HOUSE ARCHIVE with over 50,000 documents, photographs, manuscripts, recordings, news-clippings and other relevant archival material is of great importance for research.

The SIGMUND FREUD SOCIETY, which is also located in the house at Berggasse 19, regularly organizes exhibitions, lectures and symposiums to continue and expand scientific research on the work of Sigmund Freud; as for example the Freud lecture in the Grand Celebration Hall of Vienna University, held every year on May 6, the birthday of the founder of psychoanalysis. The scientific committee supports research projects on psycho analysis. Anyone interested in supporting the goals and work of the Sigmund Freud Society is invited to become a member. Each member receives the »Sigmund Freud House Bulletin« twice a year, information on the scientific program, the Museum, Library and Archive, and is entitled to participate in events organized by the Society. Since 1991, the ASSOCIATION OF THE FRIENDS OF THE SIGMUND FREUD MUSEUM, VIENNA has made it possible to maintain and expand the Museum through private sponsoring.

Scanned 12/14/95. Area 51 Research Center.