Date: Wed, Feb 7, 1996 10:59 PM PDT
Subj: DR33
To: PsychoSpy

Some quick observations....

  1. SG personnel could easily and willingly adapt and flourish under a seemingly oppressive societal structure. Over 900,000 Americans do it day in day out in the DoD [Dept. of Defense]...we exist quite comfortably in a Constitution-less socio-economic culture that is, instead, governed by the Uniformed Code of Military Justice; it not only dictates our behavioral standards, it also legislates the entire scope of our rights and cultural specifics. See?... it can work on such a large scale. Of course, we do not face the daily dilemmas of wondering if our ties match our outfits....

  2. On the possible reasons for extra-terrestrial control of advanced technologies.... As a military officer, I, for one, sincerely hope that any alien technology currently in the hands of the DoD would be used BOTH for military use and for the public good (ie. spin-off technologies such as medicine). While the thought of war-hawkish, out-of-control JCS members is appealing to Hollywood (and Fox) producers, I seriously doubt that military members currently holding flag/general rank would be willing to or capable of stockpiling massive arsenals of alien technology weapons. They are far too busy worrying about shrinking budgets and their services' abilities to meet new-world threats in littoral regions while keeping their troops paid and happy. Instead, I can see the possibility of technology spin-offs and real-world applications in the current military arsenal (ie. Have Blue and ISAR in the early 70s). I personally find the scariest option to be that of alien technology in the un-checked hands of industry, whose sole motivators are their collective bottom lines; or, for that matter, the hands of science, whose motivation is publication and the resultant continuance of their grants. Either way I think we may be screwed.

  3. Finally, on the lack of saucers in military applications on a daily basis.... Once again, as an active duty aviator and maintenance officer, I know the extreme difficulties that we face in trying to keep 6 H-60s (positively primitive compared to UFOs) in an "up" status on a weekly basis. Given that reality, I see NO POSSIBILITY of organizational level military units possessing the capabilities to maintain such aircraft...their cognizant supply weenies would all suffer brain hemorrhages as a result (...not that that would be such a bad thing)!!!!!

Stay well and warm this chilly winter.