Positive response to the GROOM LAKE DESERT RODENT

From: tikaboo@aol.com (Tikaboo)
Date: 1996/01/26

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Here is one of the positive responses that Tikaboo has recieved  following
the release of the Rodent.  Keep them comming!

  Subj:  Desert Rodent
Date:  Fri, Jan 26, 1996 11:49 AM EDT
To: tikaboo@aol.com

It was with great interest that I read your new "Desert Rodent" in
My wife and I vacationed in Las Vegas last June and I spent a day driving
out to Rachel to see the legendary Little A'Le' Inn ( I have a bumper
sticker from there right above my computer monitor ...(702) 729-2515...)
I met Chuck Clark and another guy there who lives in Rachel and helps out
the inn, I don't remember his name.  I also met with Kathleen Ford and
the late hours with her at her campsite outside of town.
In whole it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. A real
eye-opener, a chance to have everything I had read about, theorized about,
and imagined, to have all those things placed suddenly into reality.  What
mind-expander.  I realized that night on my way back to vegas, that I had
accepted it as real in the past the same way I accept stories on the news.
believed it, but it was distant, not personal...not real.
Suddenly there were these real flesh and blood and very honest and sincere
people who had seen and experienced things that up until that point were
only words in a book or pictures on tv to me.
Chuck was very gracious and open in talking to me. Everyone at the Inn was
pleasant and I really wish I could've stayed overnight.  I felt welcome
safe...I have to believe the things that Chuck Clark and the others at the
Inn said about Mr. Campbell were true.  I was looking forward to meeting
Campbell after seeing him on TV but when I arrived in Rachel, he was no
where to be found, just a bunch of hungry kittens prowling around his
After I spoke with the guys at the inn, I was glad he wasn't there.  It
sounded to me like he WAS in it for less than honorable reasons.
My hat is off to the Travis' and to Chuck and Kathleen, who took an
visitor from the far reaches of North Carolina and made me feel like I had
done an important thing by driving to Rachel and letting my eyes, my mind
and my ears be open to what is going on in the desert.
I hope to make it back, and to stay for a night or two. I hope it will be
Anyway, the whole reason I wanted to write was to say thanks for reminding
me of that wonderful day and the great people I met.
I look forward to future posts from you and more news from Rachel.