Article in Groom Lake Desert Rat #34

Hular Rules the Universe

Our labeling of G. Huff as Moe, the mean Stooge, in DR#33 has resulted in a remarkable email message. Psychospy is overwhelmed by the power of Hular and concedes defeat.

Subj:   A Message From Bob Lazar
Date:   Sun, Mar 10, 1996 12:02 PM PDT
X-From: (Gene Huff)

Who the fuck do you think you are? I don't control what Gene Huff says 
or thinks however, I have yet to find something he has said that I 
disagree with.
Now, stop sending me your stupid bullshit you fucking asshole. Now do 
you know where Gene gets his language from?
I've fowarded your letter to my attorney, as I do will all letters from 
psychotic UFO nuts, like you, who threaten me.
Don't bother responding, I don't give a shit what you have to say or 
plan to do. In addition, any future mail sento to me from you will be 
Shut the fuck up & get a life.

-Bob Lazar

P.S. Eat Me

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Readers may ask: Is this Huff impersonating Lazar, Lazar impersonating Huff, or Lazar expressing his true self? In fact, it makes no difference. If Lazar permits someone else to send messages in his name, then legally and morally the words are Lazar's. In all matters regarding Lazar's UFO claims, Huff is his spokesman, gatekeeper, business manager and chief defender. They are a conjoined unit: Huff-Lazar or "Hular." (Yet another Hungarian, we suspect.)

The best analysis of the Huff-Lazar relationship came from a TV crew that had paid the required fee and interviewed Lazar. The crew had also done many Hollywood interviews, and Lazar's personality was familiar to them. He was the passive celebrity managed by his staff, who did not care how his name was used so long as his position was maintained. When you finally get to meet this musician or movie star, he seems a nice person, but he is somehow "not there" in the conduct or morality of his own life. To get the interview, you have to endure the abuse of the gatekeepers: the army of agents and personal assistants who do not hesitate to wield the celebrity's power. The gatekeepers see themselves as guardians of the temple, but to others they are often bullies whose greatest pleasure is announcing that the great one would never want to deal with anyone as insignificant as you.

While Lazar alone is aloof and passive, Hular is accessible but demeaning. Hular has a way of turning every casual inquiry into a interpersonal World War which starts with the premise, "You don't know anything," and ends with expletives directed at the correspondent. And Hular always wins--by sheer volume at least. To play his game by picking up one of the many gauntlets he throws down is to be sucked into a great black hole of spiraling hatred that drains all human life in its vicinity.

What was the stimulus that triggered the above response? We felt that Huff had unfairly attacked a third party in retribution for our publication of the "Huff-Lear Flame War" in DR#33. We made the mistake of writing to Bob Lazar at his home address about the alleged offense, not fully grasping that Hular is a single entity without internal boundaries. Lazar called back and was polite on the phone but then passed the letter to Hular for disposition. Hular knows no rules, and any information he obtains becomes a tool with which to belittle others.

It is usually our policy, in the case of such conflicts, to reproduce and explain all source material in full. To do that here, however, would take a dozen Desert Rats and trigger further Hular reprisals requiring a dozen more--possibly destroying the planet in the process. Hular always wins, and he lives off the energy of those who respond to him. It is sufficient to say that the current Hular material is similar to the Huff-Lear flame war but is much more voluminous and is directed at anyone within range. The Research Center does not have the resources to process so much incoming data. We are tired and concede defeat.

Let Hular rule the universe!

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