Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.area51
From: (PsychoSpy)
Subject: Just saw "Nixon".... without hate
Date: 27 Dec 1995 12:13:24 -0500

I just got back from seeing the movie "Nixon," and let me tell you,
I'm making my enemies list. All you people on this newsgroup must
really hate me, but I don't have to take it. One of these days, you
people won't have Glenn Campbell to kick around any more. Then what
will you do? What will you say to each other?

You see, people may hate you, but they don't win unless you hate them
back. I'm not going to hate, but I do need to plug the leaks. I want
volunteers, call them my "plumbers," who will plug the leaks and tell
me who my enemies are. But I don't know if I can trust any of you. I
know all of you hate me, even the ones who pretend to be defending me.
I can see that when you try to kiss up to Glenn Campbell all you
really want is my power. You don't care about me, you really hate me,
because I'm not a prettyboy rich kid like Kennedy. Everybody loves

And let make this perfectly clear: Don't believe any of that Oliver
Stone horseshit about me - er, Nixon - playing some vague role in the
Kennedy assassination. Oliver Stone really hates me, too. Those
missing 18 minutes are none of your goddamn business, because those
are MY tapes, I worked all my life for those tapes, but let me tell
you this: There's nothing on those tapes that has anything to do with
the death of John Kennedy, or Bobby, even if those tragic events
helped clear my path to the presidency. What was on those 18 minutes
you're never going to find out, because I can keep secrets, and some
things humanity shouldn't have to deal with.  Let me just say that
Richard Nixon is deeper than you thought, and Richard Nixon knows how
to protect the planet.

I am not a crook!

Glenn Campbell

Area 51 Reseach Center, Las Vegas