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Another Business Office Found

An adrenaline rush energizes Psychospy as we check out another Area 51 business office in Las Vegas: EG&G Special Projects at 821 Grier Rd. Although minding our own business (with our camera--snap, snap), we are accosted by a security agent on a public street, who attempts to rudely abduct us into the facility.

EG&G Building

April 2, 1996

EG&G observer W. Busse gave us this lead: Although government contractor EG&G is no longer officially involved with the Nevada Test Site, they still have a substantial business office in Las Vegas. In the past it was difficult to separate EG&G operations at Groom Lake from those at the Nevada Test Site. The two seemed intimately linked, since the EG&G operations at Groom could find cover under the Test Site operations and use Mercury as a supply point. We had assumed that this meant that the general contract to operate Area 51 would go to Bechtel along with the Test Site contract on Jan. 1.

However a 2/17 news article on labor organization at Area 51 suggested that EG&G was still the major contractor at Area 51, and Busse's discovery seemed to confirm it. Busse had obtained the office address from the EG&G corporate directory and drove by it a few days ago. He saw a smoking gun: One of the "Cammo Dude" white jeep Cherokees with stenciled government plates parked out front (plate 93B3539). He suggested I check the place out, so this afternoon I did.

EG&G Sign The address is 821 and 871 Grier Dr. in the Hughes Airport Center, a complex of mostly new office buildings just south of the airport. (Approx. location: N36š04.20, W115š08.63) "Grier" happens to be the name of one of EG&G's founders: Edgerton, Germeshausen and Grier. The buildings are clearly marked "EG&G Special Projects" and looks similar to the other offices in the complex. The largest is a two-story, nicely landscaped office building at 901 Grier with no obvious security presence and no "no trespassing" signs. EG&G apparently occupies the entire building.

I parked my car on the street and walked a few feet inside the parking lot to take a picture of the EG&G sign, then I walked back into the street and took a picture of another sign at the building next door.

While I was standing in the street, a man in plain clothes walked up to me from the first building, introduced himself as security for the building and asked me who I was. I said, "Glenn Campbell, Area 51 Research Center." He then grabbed my arm and said, "Step this way, I have to trespass you."

"But this is a public street," I protested.

"You were trespassing on private property when you were taking pictures," he said, with no hint of courtesy. "I must trespass you. Come with me."

"But I'm not on it private property now. Are your ordering me onto private property?"

"You have trespassed on private property. You are being warned," he said.

I felt the adrenaline begin to flow, just like in the old days. I said I wasn't moving from this public street. I demanded his name, but he wouldn't give it, so I shot him.

EG&G security dude flees
EG&G Non-Cammo Dude (EGG-NCD), armed with radio and loaded Gatorade,
flees site of his attempted Psychospy assault.

Snap, snap! Boy, did he take off, shielding his face from the camera. He went back to the building as I knocked off about a dozen shots of the back of his head.

Normally, I would relish the invitation to be "trespassed," whatever that means, but I had a camera and my car with me, and I didn't want either of them violated. (For the record, this is why I gave up my film so easily at the NSA headquarters [DR#8]. I had my computer and radio equipment in the car and didn't want them to fall into enemy hands for "reverse engineering.")

I was really longing to be "trespassed," though, so I drove around the corner and parked the car out of sight. I removed everything from my wallet except my driver's license. I left my camera in the car, then went back to EG&G to honor the invitation.

I walked back into the parking lot, and up to the front entrance of the building, where the alleged security guard was standing with two others, a man and woman also in plain clothes.

"Did you want to see me?" I said. "Could I have your name please?"

He again refused to give it, and both he and the other two turned their ID badges away from me so I couldn't read them. I then began to get hysterical.... God, it felt good!

"You tried to abduct me from a public street!" I screamed. "You grabbed my arm and tried to force me onto private property! You have no right to tell me I can't be on a public street! I demand your identification. Why won't you identify yourself? How do I know you even work for this company?"

"I only grabbed your arm because I wanted to trespass you," the man said.

"What the hell does that mean?" I replied.

The man walked into the building and came out with a laminated plastic card, like the one police use when they are reading suspects their rights. He read a warning: "You are hereby notified that you are trespassing on private property. If you do not leave this property, you will be guilty of trespass under Nevada Revised Statutes... etc., etc."

Having been so "trespassed," I then decided it was prudent to leave. I promptly exited the property, uttering something heated like, "You haven't heard the last of me! I'm Glenn Campbell of the Area 51 Research Center!"

Ain't it a gas: This thug had wanted to haul me back onto private property only so he could tell me to leave it. It reminded me of the "kidnapped trespassers" at the Groom border [DR#21].

Driving around the neighborhood, I found that I had landed in a virtual "nest" of black projects. Lockheed occupied two buildings nearby, on "Kelly Johnson Drive," as a matter of fact. What would Lockheed be doing in Las Vegas--and so close to EG&G--if not to support projects at Area 51? Hughes Aircraft also happened to be nearby, although it was hard to say whether it was connected to the others, since Montgomery Ward Credit Corp. was also in the complex, and I doubt they have any installations at '51.


EG&G could have been at this location for a while. Lazar claims to have been interviewed at an office of EG&G near the airport and this could be it. Before this year, however, it wasn't so clear that this office was connected to secret facilities, since their work here could also could have been related to the Test Site. Now that there is no overt reason for EG&G to be in Nevada at all, this office has to be supporting Groom or some other unacknowledged facility.

To confirm this, I called that EG&G officer directly to find out what they do. To find the phone number, I used that gumshoe standby the local phone book. The main number for EG&G Special Projects on Grier Dr. is 702-361-1660. I called and asked to talk to their public relations office. The man who answered didn't seem to know what I meant, so I explained it to him: "You know, someone who can answer questions for me on the record about the company."

I was put on hold and listened to about three or four minutes of pleasant music. Then a woman answered, "Executive Offices."

I said: "Could you answer a few questions for me about your company. I just want to know what EG&G does in Las Vegas."

She said: "We're a government contractor."

"Can you tell me what installations you contract at?"

Pause. "Well, I wouldn't have that information," she said, "but I can put you through to someone who can answer that."

She asked me for my name and its spelling. I also volunteered that I was with the Area 51 Research Center. More pleasant music followed, for about five minutes this time.

Finally, a man answered. I said: "I'd like to know what installations you contract at."

The man said: "We are a government contractor, and we do not discuss any of our business activities."

I thanked the man and asked for his name. To my surprise, he gave it: Vernie (or Bernie) Vanderweele. I asked him what his position was and he said "Security" but would not be more specific.

In my experience, it is easy to identify covert facilities: Just look for a place that's guarded by aggressive thugs without insignia, where they won't tell you what they do and where all public relations are handled by security. It's their way of waving their arms and saying, "Here we are, a TOP SECRET facility!"

After hanging up, I called a real public relations office at the Dept. of Energy, where I talked to Darwin Morgan. I had only one question for him: Is EG&G still at the Nevada Test Site? His reply was unequivocal: "EG&G is not at the Nevada Test Site." In previous inquiries, the DOE has also said unequivocally that Groom Lake is not part of the Nevada Test Site, while the Air Force refused to answer.

Others may fault me for it, but I trust the DOE. If their PR office says, without weasel words, that EG&G is not at the Test Site, I believe them. Therefore, anything the company is doing in Nevada is wholly connected to secret facilities outside the Test Site, which includes Area 51 but is not necessarily limited to it.

Transfer Facilities

EG&G's main building was also apparently a warehouse. There were windows only on the second floor and big bay doors in the back. There, an 18-wheeler and a couple of other trucks with government plates were parked. This implies that this is a transfer point for materiel. Perhaps supplies are received here from the outside world and transferred into government trucks for transport to Area 51. I have also seen a similar 18-wheeler parked overnight at the Janet terminal, so I suspect there are at least two of them. The fenced yard behind the EG&G building looks only big enough to hold one semi at a time, so if two of them end up in Vegas on the same night, one would have to be stored elsewhere. The appearance of a semi at the Janet terminal is relatively rare, though, suggesting that there probably aren't more than two and that they usually alternate between Groom and the EG&G office.

Of course, the inflow and outflow of goods would be easy enough to trace. We'll have to record the truck license plates first to find out how many there are, then we can watch how they come and go and where they disappear to. It would also be interesting to watch the schedule of commercial vendors. We could develop, say, the "Coca-Cola index" to determine the relative caffeine intake of base workers. If anyone is interested in collecting data at the EG&G facility for a day, I'd be happy to deputize you. You can hang out on the railroad grade in back to watch goods coming in, and do not hesitate to promote the Research Center at any opportunity.

I wonder if this is the only transfer facility, however. Although the main EG&G building is quite large as an office building, it is small as a warehouse. The Groom base is a city of 700-800 people who all have to be fed and kept in toilet paper, at least during the workday. I would expect a steady stream of commercial vendors at the transfer facility, delivering everything from milk to potato chips to bottled water, computer paper and janitorial supplies--as well as the tools and other material needed to do the actual work going on. If an outgoing semi is loading on Bay #1, all deliveries would have to be received at Bay #2, and I wonder if this would be enough to handle all the incoming trucks. It could be enough, but I am suspicious. If this warehouse handled only non-food items, I would be more comfortable, but then where are the potato chips coming from? (Still Mercury perhaps?)

Anyway, do drop EG&G a note if to ask them any questions or convey your greetings to Area 51: EG&G Special Projects, Inc., 821 Grier Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89119. Tell 'em Psychospy sent you. You can also stop by to be "trespassed" if you want, but I suspect they will put up no trespassing signs real soon. (Signs are legally effective but lack the personal touch.)

The other office, 1900 E. Flamingo, Suite 266, I suspect is a government office instead of a contractor. The deputizing of Cammo Dudes would not be a contractor function, I believe, but it might involve the Air Force or other government agency. In any case, either address should be equally effective for conveying you messages to the base.

Hular Responds

Subj:   You not knowing what you're talking about, again
Date:   Fri, Apr 12, 1996 4:18 AM PDT
X-From: (Gene Huff)


 You should be able to figure out that the EG&G building you were 
fucking around at was not the one Lazar was interviewed at. That 
building was torn down for the expansion of McCarran 2000. I think that 
you can now see that things run much smoother for you and your scam if 
you and I don't acknowledge each others' existence. Your Hular article 
was uninspired and once again reflected for everyone what a sadsack son 
of a bitch you are. You've really got those people on the net snowed. 
They think that the names of the cammo dudes is a big score. I 
appraised a cammo dudes house recently and I think you're going to be 
sorry that you've resorted to burning them. They're just doing their 
jobs and you've simply run out of things to say. 

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