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Another Hungarian Connection, Lazar & Seagal, Why "Groom"?

Another Hungarian Connection

Although from a skeptical and scientific background, I have recently become interested in the bits and pieces of the UFO "religion" that appear to have some basis in reality and not merely in hysteria. In your Groom Lake Desert Rat (I'm a proud Guiltware subscriber) I have discovered a similar attitude, and I wanted to thank you for the newsletter, the Area 51 web page, and the great collection of related merchandise you offer. If the truth is indeed out there, I suspect you will be the first to recognize it. And PLEASE keep the Nixon, Jarod 2, and Hungarian stuff coming! I got the goulash recipe, and it is as good as anything my Croat grandma ever made! Oh, and do not be suaded from your purpose by the likes of Hular the Impaler!

P.S. Another Hungarian Connection?... If I remember correctly Nikola Tesla, that brilliant pioneer of electrical technology and high prophet of the fringe science religion (blessed be the gullible), though Serbian, began his career working in the telephone company of Budapest. The true inventor of wireless communication, Tesla received a great deal of ridicule when he claimed that he was receiving intelligible communications from another planet....

-- M. Perry (, 3/31/96

Lazar and Seagal

Can you confirm whether Bob Lazar was a technical advisor in Steven Seagal's film "Under Seige"? I couldn't find him in the credits, but Seagal had atempted to buy Lazar's life story. Also, according to an interview with Lars Hansson in Steamshovel Press #10, John Lear's wife is Seagal's casting agent.

--, 4/5/96
I doubt Lazar was an advisor on any Seagal movie, but Seagal did try to buy the Lazar story around 1993, as confirmed by Lazar in a conference or radio appearance (the Ultimate UFO Seminar in 1993 I think). Seagal got the brush-off when Lazar went to New Line, but New Line never produced the movie either and their option expired in 1995. (If you want more, ask Hular.)

It sounds plausible that Lear's wife did some casting for a Seagal movie. Her company, Lear Casting, handles local casting for most movies that use Las Vegas as a locale. That does not necessarily have anything to do with John Lear.

Why "Groom"?

Why is it called "Groom Lake"? Did someone get married there? Was there a righteous bachelor party there? Who found it? Who named it? What is the history of the place?

-- C.J. 3129, 4/2/96
The name Groom long pre-dates the military presence in the area. According to Nevada Place Names by Helen S. Carlson (Univ. of Nevada Press, 1974):

Groom. A mountain range (Lincoln County) bounded on the north by Sand Spring Valley, on the northeast by the Timpahute Range, on th east by Tikaboo Valley, on the southeast by the Jumbled Hills, and on the south by Groom Lake, a dry lake at the northwest end of Emigrant Valley. The name derives from the Groom Mining District, organized in Lincoln County in 1870, which was named from the Groom Mine and probably worked as early as 1850. The district is about 30 miles from Yucca Flat, the present [in 1974] site of atomic tests. Groom Pass (Nye County), a pass in the devide between Emigrant Valley and Yucca Flat, about eleven miles southwest of Groom Lake, is so named because the "pass is crossed by Groom Lake Road."

"Groom Lake Road" in this case is the road from the northern end of the Nevada Test Site to Groom Lake. What the The Area 51 Viewer's Guide calls Groom Lake Road is the road from Route 375 to Groom Lake. Both could be referred to as an extension of the Mercury Highway.

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