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ID4 convoy abducted.
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"The Naked Truth from Open Sources"

Issue #36. July 4, 1996

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Invasion Of The Pod People!

Am I The Only One Left Who Sees The "Independence Day" Conspiracy?

I write this account not knowing if anyone will ever read it. Strange things are happening that I cannot explain, and no one seems to see them but me. I am posting this message to the internet in the hope that someone - anyone - might have made the same observations and know what to do....

Nellis Range Renewal

The entire Nellis Range, possibly including Area 51, comes up for renewal before Congress at the end of the century. This means you'll be seeing a kinder, gentler Air Force here for the next few years. Already, the environmental evaluation process has begun, and Nellis has been soliciting local input though a series of "neighborhood dialogues." Naturally, Psychospy was on the front lines, collecting free Air Force patches and posters, hobnobbing with the colonels and joining a remarkably complete tour of Nellis Air Force Base. These folks were so pleasant and made us feel so patriotic that we are beginning to wonder, Whose side are we on?....

Area 51 is Edwards DET 3

Starting only with the phrase "Pittman Station" astute web surfers have come up with strong evidence that the base at Groom Lake is operated by Detachment 3 of the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base....

Glenn Campbell of Area 51 Meets Glenn Campbell of Area 51

An historic meeting of the minds took place in March when Glenn Campbell of the Area 51 Research Center met Glenn Campbell of Area 51, the special effects house in Pasadena, Calif. The two have been confused with each other since Space: Above and Beyond hit the tube and Campbell's name and company appeared in the credits. Area 51 produces all of the computer generated spaceships, alien landscapes and deep space explosions for the show. Campbell is Special Effects Supervisor, acting as liason between the programmers in Pasadena and the production set....

From The Newsroom

... Is REECo Still At Test Site?... Tacit Blue Unveiling... NRO Admits Accumulating Money... Las Vegas Buffets... Intel Bitties

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