Lincoln County Record, May 9, 1996, Page 6

Rompin' With Rachel

Hi neighbors:

So much has been happening out here that we don't know where to start. Guess we had better go back to the beginning of March and catch you up on the news.

We are really proud of one of our young high school boys Silas Naig who received an award in wrestling for best attitude.

Our 4-H kids are still working hard on our park. They have a drip system in and more trees. They would like to thank everyone who sent them donations and they will still accept donations to finish the project.

Now on the D-day (dedication of the highway), most of the locals and out-of-town vendors were very disappointed. We are not quite sure why the governor, his staff or any of the stars from ID4 did not at least take time to speak to any of the people in this community (although a handful were invited to attend the festivities in Las Vegas on the 17th which they all enjoyed). None of the people living here or who drove many miles were allowed to enter the tent with the VIPs. Most everyone in this community worked long hard hours pulling up booths making homemade goodies and arts and crafts displays because hey were told that the people on the buses would want to buy their wares.

The 4-H kids took what funds they had along with the EMTs to put up a food booth and sold one hotdog to one man who had to leave it to catch the bus. The kids spent several hours before and after the dedication cleaning up so therefore the whole community is rather upset.

Well on to Rachel Day! Thanks to all our friends and neighbors Rachel Day was a big success. Everyone had a great time. All of our people with displays did really well and made a few dollars. The dinner was great as we have so many good cooks in this valley. Everyone outdid themselves including the ladies from out of town who brought dishes too.

None of this would have been possible without the donations we received from all over the county: R-Place, Del Pueblo, Great Basin Foods, Janise Lamb, Gottfredson's and those from Las Vegas who donated food and gift. cerlificates. A big thank-you goes to Jimmy and Joann Barfield also. If we have missed anyone on this list we apologize and do thank you very much.

The money raised will go to buy needed things and help people in the community.

Many of our citizens are headed for summer vacations trips to the doctors and other activities this month.

The Little A-Le-Inn is holding its Info Campout May 24 Ihrough May 27. Anyone interested can call 702729-2515 for information.

Well Lois' hand is cramped from wriling and LaRae's voice is hoarse from doing what she does best talking (dictating) so you'll hear from us next month. Hope it's not as busy as it has been.