Date:  Mar, 29 1996,  15:21 EDT
From:  ID4 Fox

Thanks for taking the time to read this e-mail.  I work for Twentieth 
Century Fox in Los Angeles and am in charge of the website for the 
upcoming movie "Independence Day."  You may know of the film, it is from 
the same two men who brought you "Stargate", Dean Devlin and Roland 
Emmerich.  It centers around an Alien Civilization of unimaginable 
strength and magnitude destoying the earth, and how the entire earth 
must come together to fight back.  Trust me when I say that this film 
will be by far the most impressive movie of the year.

Anyway, the reason I am sending this email out is for a few reasons.  
First - Congratulations, your web site has made our list of cool alien 
related sites on the web.  We are looking at our site as the online 
headquarters to the world of Aliens on the web, and your site fits 
perfectly into our directory listings of alien related sites.

Second - we want to inform you that our site at is up and 
running.  Right now there is a teaser page in place, with content 
starting up about April 5.  This site will be unrivaled in its design 
and original content on the web, and we would encourage reciprocal 
hyperlinks from your site to our home page.  

Third - we want to invite you and all people visitng your site to join 
us in Nevada April 18th.  The Governor of Nevada and Fox are sponsoing 
the renaming of the State Highway surrounding Area 51.  The new name is 
the Extraterrestrial Highway.  This party in Rachel, Nevada promises to 
be a blast, and we hope you can join us.  For more information on the 
event, please check out our website.  Feel free to copy the information 
and post it wherever you would like to on the internet.

So anyway, I hope this e-mail makes some sense.  please chekc out and let me know what you think.  I hope we are able to work 
together to make "Independenc Day" an awesome hit both in the movie 
theaters and on the web. If you have any questions, or want to stay in 
touch with us here in L.A, this email address is the best way to do it.   
Thanks again.

-ID4 Fox

P.S. Don't worry, as we start getting hats and t-shirts, we'll be 
sending them everywhere!