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March 26, 1996

Stephanie Penner
Press Assistant
Office of the Governor
Carson City, NV
Fax: 702-687-4486

Dear Ms. Penner:

As a follow-up to my phone call earlier this afternoon, I would like to address a few more questions to your office regarding the "E.T. Highway." Your answers may be used in my press releases next week and on my "E.T. Highway" web site (a record of all issues surrounding the state's action).

I am sorry to bother you with these, but I want to be as accurate as possible in the information I put out. I am also trying to make these questions as easy to answer as I can, so they don't take up too much of your time. One or two words should be sufficient in most cases.

I think you understand the importance of my addressing these questions directly to your office. This is your opportunity to correct any misperceptions I may have before I proceed with my campaign.

1) What was the cost to the Nevada taxpayers of Governor Miller's visit to the Fox offices in Los Angeles? When did this visit take place? Has the governor met on other occasions with representatives of Fox?

2) Has the Governor ever met with "Ambassador Merlyn Merlin II," otherwise known as David Soloman, prior to the approval of the E.T. Highway designation?

[You said you did not know, but I wonder if the Governor can remember. Merlin is a very colorful character who claims to be an alien and was actively campaigning in Carson City for the E.T. Highway. He is a well known "lobbyist" in the legislature, and no one who meets him can forget him easily. I am sure he would have tried to contact the Governor, but I want to confirm that such contact took place. I have a left a message with Merlin on the same question, but he has not gotten back to me.]
3) When considering the E.T. Highway measure, did the Governor, as chairman of the Transportation Board, solicit the opinions of any other Rachel residents apart from the owners of the Little A'Le'Inn?

4) Did the Governor ever visit Rachel while considering the E.T. Highway designation?

5) Has the Governor, or anyone in the governor's office, read the script of "Independence Day"?

6) Was any part of the movie "Independence Day" filmed in Nevada? If so, what parts? (I mean, were they major scenes or only minor ones?)

[I know this is a question that is best addressed to the movie company, but I have submitted the question to them and they have not gotten back to me. Anyway, I expect that the governor should have an answer to this question, since he is taking an active role in the film's promotion. Press releases say some filming took place in "West Wendover, Nevada" but other reports suggests this was only a minor support area for filming mainly in Utah.]
7) Has the governor read my March 6 report pointing out the dangers to tourists in the E.T. Highway designation? Has the governor taken any action to address the issues raised in the report?

8) What will be the cost to the taxpayers of the Extraterrestrial Highway signs?

9) What will be the cost to the taxpayers of the dedication ceremony itself? Are there any other costs to the state involved in the E.T. Highway?

10) Has the state approved the monument that the Fox studio plans to erect along the highway?

11) Does the governor have any personal interest in UFOs?

12) Does the governor believe that the UFOs reported along the Highway 375 are real?

13) Does the governor plan to personally attend the highway unveiling in Rachel on April 18? If not, who will he be sending instead?

14) Will the governor (or his representative) be traveling to Rachel by car or by helicopter?

Those are the only questions I have right now. All I want to do here is get my facts straight, so brief responses are fine.

I will be away at the County Commissioners meeting in Pioche on Wednesday, so there's no need to get back to me until Thursday.

Although I oppose the premature unveiling of the E.T. Highway, I want to be fair in my opposition, and that is why I am asking you these questions now. If you would like to learn more about my position, I would be happy to meet with anyone at the governor's Las Vegas office on Thursday. (I am also thinking of dropping in on the "Rural Roundup" event in Boulder City, sponsored by the Tourism Commission.)

Thank you for your time in looking into these items.



Glenn Campbell
Area 51 Research Center

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