Subject: The Real Reason for Counter Event
From: Jeff <103266.3155@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 1 Apr 1996 20:59:58 GMT
Message-ID: <4jpg4e$15p$>

OK,  I gotta put my 2 cents in...

I have been monitoring the planned events with regard to the new movie 
ID4 and the convoy to arrive at Rachel Nevada on April 17 or whatever, 
and all of the anti-event publications on the internet sponsored by 
Glenn Campbell.

Now, let me be honest.  I am intrigued by the folklore behind Area 51 
and the surrounding areas, and have bought Campbell's Area 51 guide.  So 
much so that I plan a visit to the region myself this summer.

After reading the documentation he has prepared to 'counter' this event, 
I've come to the conclusion that Campbell is merely pissed off that the 
State nor 20th Century Fox is including him in this event.  Campbell 
considers himself a vital part of the public awareness of Area 51.  And 
he should be.  But all of his letters are based on the 'bust your balls' 
type of inquiries that really don't matter.   For example, who really 
gives a shit if the Governer flew to
California at taxpayers' expense ?

Consider this scenario:  When I am trying to produce business for the 
company that pays my salary in a city other than the one I live in, my 
COMPANY pays for me to fly to that destination in which I am trying to 
generate new business.  Oh yea, they for the rental car, meals, and any 
other related expenses.

From a business prospective, isn't that what the Governer of Nevada is 
trying to do, too ??  Generate business for the state ??

As far as the claim that the state is trying to lure unknowing civilians 
into the area just to fine them is absolutely absurd in my opinion.  In 
my opinion, anyone wanting to visit the area should stay clear of the 
'border', because there's nothing to see anyway.  But if you're too 
stupid to cross the line, then you deserve to be arrested.  Besides, the 
Area 51 viewer's guide that I have specifically says, and I quote from 
edition 4.01, page 40, "There is no fence or gate, just a half dozen 
warning signs on either side of the road, reminiscent of those nasty 
sings on approach to the witch's castle in Wizard of Oz."

If 6 signs are not enough indication for someone to stay out of 
somewhere that he/she is not supposed to be, then this someone is an 

Lighten up, Glenn.