State of Nevada
Capitol Complex
Carson City, Nevada 89710


March 29, 1996

Mr. Glenn Campbell
Area 51 Research Center
HCR Box 38
Rachel, NV 89001

Dear Mr. Campbell:

The following are responses to the questions you asked in your letter dated March 26, 1996:

The cost of Gov. Miller's visit in February 1996 to the FOX offices in Los Angeles is equal to one standard, roundtrip airline ticket to Los Angeles. The state budget office may provide you with more specific information. The Governor's one day trip to the FOX offices has been reported in newspapers throughout the state. If you are interested in FOX studio activities in Nevada, contact the Nevada Department of Tourism or the state Film Division.

Regarding your questions concerning meetings, as a matter of courtesy to all concerned, general policy is not to discuss or confirm Gov. Miller's conversations.

Costs for the Extraterrestrial Highway signs can be obtained from the Nevada Department of Transportation. Costs of the dedication ceremony may be obtained from the Nevada Commission on Tourism Chair Lt. Gov. Lonnie Hammargren.

Finally, Gov. Miller is scheduled to appear at the dedication ceremony in Rachel, Nevada on April 18.

I hope these answers clarify any misconceptions you may have.

Stephanie Penner
Press Assistant

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