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March 26, 1996

Governor Bob Miller
c/o Stephanie Penner
Executive Chambers
Capitol Complex
Carson City, NV 89710

Dear Governor Miller:

I hereby request, as an interested party in the E.T. Highway unveiling, that I be notified of any future meetings between the staff of the Governor's office--in Carson City or Las Vegas--and any parties outside the state government in relation to the unveiling of the "E.T. Highway." This includes any meetings between state representatives and representatives of the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp., the Little A'Le'Inn or any other commercial business involved in the planning for the April 18 event.

I and my organization are planning our own public event to coincide with the highway unveiling. In order to coordinate this event with the state's unveiling, I am interested in participating in whatever planning process you may have. As a Nevada citizen who has been actively involved in publicizing the highway for the past three years, I believe I am entitled to participate on at least an equal footing with the Fox Corp., an out-of-state company that has never been involved with the highway prior to this promotion.

Since the unveiling is a public event involving state officials and taxpayer money, I believe that any planning sessions for this event involving extra-governmental entities should not held in secret. Although I have not consulted NRS on this matter, I believe that a closed planning process for a state-sponsored event violates basic principals of open government.

In the past, I have been excluded from all proceedings leading up to the highway designation and the April 18 event. "Exclusion" includes failure to notify me of meetings or hearings when I have clearly expressed an interest to participate. Throughout this process, the state has dealt only with Fox and the Little A'Le'Inn--two entities with obvious commercial interests. Within Rachel, the state has failed to notify competing businesses of meetings regarding the highway, and it has held these meetings exclusively at the Little A'Le'Inn instead of on neutral ground.

Likewise, I understand there was a meeting earlier this week at your offices in Las Vegas between your staff, the staff of the Commission on Tourism and representatives of Fox regarding plans for the unveiling. I hereby request, if any such meetings are held in the future, that I be notified and allowed to attend.



Glenn Campbell
Area 51 Research Center

cc: Commission on Tourism
Dept. of Transportation

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