Area 51 Research Center
HCR Box 38
Rachel, NV 89001


March 28, 1996

Sean Dudas
Manager, Publicity/Promotion
Twentieth Century Fox
PO Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Dear Mr. Dudas:

As the primary political activist and publicist associated with Area 51 (the setting of your upcoming movie Independence Day), I am writing to follow up on the telephone message I left on Wednesday and to make some additional requests.

The question I left with your assistant should be easy to answer: What part of Independence Day, if any, was filmed in Nevada? I am still hoping to get an answer from you as soon as possible so I do not distribute any false information.

A second question I want to ask comes from the Mar. 22 press release from Nevada's Governor Miller which Fox distributed. The release says, "Twentieth Century Fox also plans to unveil a commemorative monument to mark the dedication and the premiere of the film." I understand from other news articles that this monument is intended as a beacon for visitors from outer space.

My question is, where will this monument be located? Will it be on state, BLM or private land? Have the appropriate permits been obtained or applied for?

My final requests may seem too forward, but you certainly have the right to turn them down. I understand there will be a gala reception on April 17 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Could I be invited? I wonder if I might also be allowed to appear on the panel of UFO researchers you are putting together for the unveiling.

If you would like my curriculum vitae or more information on my Area 51 work, I would be happy to fax them to you. I am the author of the Area 51 Viewer's Guide and a newsletter devoted to the area. I have previously appeared as a guest on Larry King and I have been interviewed in stories on Area 51 on ABC World News Tonight, Sightings, Encounters, New York Times Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Popular Science and many other TV, radio and news outlets. A national magazine and a network news program have expressed an interest in covering the gala and unveiling from my perspective. I am a serious UFO researcher who has lived in Rachel for several years but who does not believe most of the "lights in the sky" stories associated with the highway. Thus I might provide a more skeptical view to help balance out the "true believers." The discretion is yours, of course, but my exclusion from these events when I have requested an invitation might be seen as curious.

A reply to the above requests would be appreciated by tomorrow (Friday 3/29), since I expect begin my own publicity campaign next week, and I need make sure my facts are right.

I am sorry you couldn't visit the Area 51 Research Center when you were in Rachel several weeks ago. My assistant said the Fox helicopter circled low over the Research Center enroute to the Little A'Le'Inn but that nobody from your party visited the Research Center on the ground.



Glenn Campbell
Area 51 Research Center

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