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March 26, 1996

Nevada Commission on Tourism
Capitol Complex
Carson City, NV 89710

Dear Commission on Tourism:

Under Nevada's public records law and the reasoning outlined below, I hereby request from you the latest copy of the following document:


This is a document of at least three pages listing newspapers that have run stories on the E.T. Highway and the column length of each. Also listed on this document are organizations which are planning to cover the E.T. Highway. The document was apparently produced by your office.

Would you kindly fax this document to me immediately at 702-795-0487. I agree to pay any reasonable expenses associated with this request.

I feel justified in making this request because the state has already provided this list to my commercial competitor, the Little A'Le'Inn. It is my contention that the state has been promoting only this single business in connection with the E.T. Highway, at the expense of any others. As the owner of a retail business also located in Rachel, I believe I am entitled to equal access to information.



Glenn Campbell
Area 51 Research Center

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