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April 3, 1996

Ken Evans
Nevada Commission on Tourism
Capitol Complex
Carson City, NV 89710

Dear Mr. Evans:

As a follow-up to my phone message today...

Thank you for sending my your media list for the E.T. Highway. I have placed it on the World Wide Web so that others will have access to it.

However, I have not yet received any of your press releases for the E.T. Highway. Would you kindly fax me all of your releases to date and keep me on the list for future press releases. I have repeated this request to the Tourism Commission several times, as early as February and most recently in our March 28 conversation. In all cases, I was told that I would be placed on the release list, but I have yet to receive any.

I feel qualified to receive these releases as the editor of the Groom Lake Desert Rat, the only newsletter devoted exclusively to the area (published on the web since 1994 with 140,000 reader visits to date). Our Area 51 web site is the most popular regarding this topic, with over 200,000 visits on our main page. I am also the most prominent Nevada activist regarding Area 51, and I believe the E.T. Highway impacts my area of concern. I believe you should not exclude me or my publication from your release list simply because I am opposed to your action. I believe the state, unlike a corporation, has an obligation to offer information equally to all parties.

The Research Center is maintaining an exclusive World Wide Web area of all available documents regarding the highway, so if you provide us with these releases and any other relevant documents we may be missing, we will place them on the web where they will be accessible to everyone. These documents will be permanently maintained on the web following the April 18 event as we continue our debate over effects of the E.T. Highway.

On another matter: In our March 28 conversation, you said that I was on the invitation list to attend the Las Vegas gala. I have not yet received this invitation, however. Since I am now making my plans for that week, any official word about whether I will be included or excluded would be appreciated.


Glenn Campbell

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