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Mt. Stirling Hike
October 5, 1996

Everyone in the world is invited to our October hike of Mount Stirling, which provides a very distant view (35+ miles) of Papoose Lake, site of Lazar's alleged saucer base. The hike is moderate in difficulty, about 1.5 Tikaboos, or two hours up.

[Although everyone in the world is invited, not everyone in the world is expected to attend. Turnout is expect to be light, mainly the legendary Groom Lake Interceptors.]

If you don't know what Papoose Lake is, you probably won't be too interested on this hike. Even if you do know, don't get your hopes up: About all you can see is a bit of the lake bed. Papoose Lake Photo

Our previous expedition to the mountain in April 1995, was marred by high winds and cold weather, which limited our stay at the viewpoint. This time, we expect the climate to be much more pleasant.

We will meet at 9am on US-95 at the junction with the unmaintained dirt road to the base of Mount Stirling. That's at milepost CL 131.1 on US-95. This is about an hour northwest of Las Vegas between Indian Springs and Mercury. This dirt road is on the south side of the highway approximately 55 miles on US-95 from I-15 in Las Vegas and just east of the Nye/Clark county line. The road is easy to miss, so be sure to watch the mile markers. There's a gate (or chain) at the beginning of the access road. You must be there at 9am, or we will have to proceed without you.

A 4WD is useful, but if you come without one, we will find find a way to transport you to the trailhead. Regular cars can make it part of the way up the road.

Many of the famous Groom Lake Interceptors will be attending this function, including the Minister of Words to delight and entertain, and our European operative The Swiss Mountain Bat. If you've never been out in the desert with the Interceptors, this will be an experience you won't soon forget (not without therapy).

You need to bring the usual: lunch, water, hiking shoes, hat, whatever optics you have and clothing for both warm and cool weather. (Weather is expected to be mild.) The map for the area is the USGS 7.5 minute Mt. Stirling quadrangle. The land where we will be hiking is National Forest, and no encounters are expected with autorities.

We will have a cell phone with us on the day of the hike (although we are not sure whether it will work at the meeting point): 702-592-9020. You may also wish to call this number the night before to confirm that you are coming and to make sure the event is on schedule.

DISCLAIMER: As usual, you are responsible for your own safety on this hike, which is offered to the public as a free courtesy. The organizers accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damages.

For more information or to confirm your attendance (helpful but not required), email

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