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The Toronto Star
Wednesday, July 10, 1996

Entertainment Section, page D4

Independence Day no hit with believer in extraterrestrials

MONTREAL (CP) -- 'Independence Day' may be off to
an earth-shaking start at the box office, but it hasn't impressed
Rael, a self-proclaimed extraterrestrial amabassador to Earth.

Rael, author of a book called 'Space Aliens Took Me To 
Their Planet', says the movie gives the wrong idea about the
mild-mannered beings who inhabit another planetary system.

'Independence Day' pits patriotic Americans against alien 
invaders who turn cities into trash.

But extraterrestrials wouldn't hurt a fly, says Rael, who claims
he linked with them in 1973.

"It's terrible," said the middle-aged man, born in France with
the name Claude Vorilhon.

"We shouldn't apply our models of violence to beings from
space. They're full of peace and love. They created us."

'Independence Day' is meant to promote fear and dispair,
said the former auto racing journalist.

"Now that they've eliminated the Russian menace, the 
Americans are making up a space enemy", he said.

"This movie was financed by the CIA and the U.S. Army.
It aims to frighten people so they'll keep believing they need
weapons to protect themselves."


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