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June 19, 1996
Sent Both By Fax and Certified Mail

Major Andrew Bourland
Director of Public Affairs
Nellis Air Force Base
4370 N. Washington Blvd., Suite 221
Las Vegas, NV 89191

Dear Major Bourland:

Thank you for returning my call yesterday. Sorry I could not be in Caliente last night. I will be at the Las Vegas scoping hearing tomorrow.

Here is my request: I am asking to obtain a legal specification of the currently withdrawn lands composing the Nellis Range. According to PL 99-606, Section 1(2), the major part of these lands are shown on a map "Nellis Air Force Range Withdrawal -- Proposed", dated January 1985. Under Section 2(c), this map must be available for inspection in the office of the commander, Nellis Air Force Base. There is a similar provision for PL 98-485.

Obviously, I cannot inspect these documents in the commander's office unless I am given permission to enter Nellis to do so. Earlier this month, I filed FOIA requests with Nellis for these documents, which have been denied. I am now asking, as a citizen, to be given access to these documents in accordance with these laws. These maps, I assume, are detailed enough to determine the township/range sections incorporated in the current Nellis Range. If possible, I would like to inspect these maps before the Las Vegas scoping hearing so I can formulate an intelligent comment. I hereby request this inspection in the commanders office and request access to Nellis AFB to get there. I also made this request verbally to your assistant on Monday, June 17.

The motivation for my inquiry is simple: The public cannot reasonably comment on the environmental impact of the Nellis Range renewal unless it is given a definition of what lands will be subject to renewal. The absence of such a definition is my only criticism of the Range Renewal process at present, and I feel that I have been getting the run-around. When I specifically asked Air Force officers, at the neighborhood dialogue in Caliente and the Pioche commissioners meeting in Pioche, if Groom Lake was included in the Range Renewal, I was given only the answer that "all 99-606 lands" were included in the renewal. (Groom Lake is a dry lake bed in Lincoln County and does not necessarily refer to any installation.) If I can't get a definition of those 99-606 lands, in spite of public laws that say official maps of them must be open to public inspection, then it does seem like a Catch-22.

My criticism might be neutralized if I can view these maps, defined in 99-606 and 98-485, by the time of the hearing. If my inspection in the commanders office cannot by arranged before the hearing, I request that you bring copies of these maps with you to the hearing. I am sure that these maps would be of interest to other citizens there as well.



Glenn Campbell
Area 51 Research Center

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