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Misc: Vegas Booms, Cannon, Edwards, Travel-Holiday [6 msgs]

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 16:42:00 -0800
Subject: Misc: Vegas Booms, Cannon, Edwards, Travel-Holiday [6 msgs]


From: [Withheld by request]
Subject: re: "Sno-cone" Object Sighting at Cannon AFB in 1993
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 06:59:18 -0800

        Glenn, don't label me a skeptic or some such, fact is, I don't know
what's out there.  However, along about that time NASA was launching those HUGE
weather balloons from Fort Sumner, about 50 miles to the west.  When those
things are at altitude, they look like they're right in your face!  But they
"float" at around 120,000 feet.  It's possible this is what the fellow saw.
        As for flying on Saturday, well, sometimes we do, sometimes we don't.
The latest rumor is that Saturday 19 April is a regular flying day.
        Sure wish I knew who sent this in -- I've been stationed at Cannon
since 1991, perhaps I even know him!

[One of those balloon WOULD look like a snow cone. --GC]


Subject: Cannon AFB
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 06:01:30 -0500 (EST)

>> It was on a Saturday, I was driving off base and saw it, at
>>that time a F-111E throttled up and took off, which was unusual for a
>>Saturday.  I flew right past the object and immediately landed, I
>>presumed it was one of the two alert aircraft.

     Wrote the unknown person that they said that they worked at Cannon AFB.
Was this person driving a car or in the F-111E? I find it strange to land a
car. Can someone tell me if this is a typo or did this person make the story
up? Thanks.



From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)

An article on Rachel in Travel-Holiday magazine is supposed to be
on the newsstands now.



From: UPI <>
Newgroups: clari.local.nevada
Subject: Nevada News Briefs [Mar 28]
Date: Fri, 28 MAR 1997 6:40:59 PST

        (LAS VEGAS)- The Air Force has confirmed that two loud booms
Wednesday night were caused by an S-R-71 spy plane flying over the Lake
Mead area. The booms were heard shortly after 9 p-m and 10 p-m. The
noise shook some walls and rattled some windows. No damage was reported
but emergency lines were flooded with calls from people who were curious
about the noises.

[See recent Las Vegas Sun ( or Review-Journal
( for stories regarding the booms.]



From: DD
Subject: Re: Large, Slow Aircraft Sighted at Edwards AFB
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 19:02:47 -0500 (EST)

What they probably saw was a C-5.  I'm always amazed when I see it fly, and
I saw a bunch fly during Desert Storm.  Even from miles away, it looks like
it's  a lot closer, and hanging in the air.

My daughter, who isn't impressed by much, got a chance to see one fly.
We were about fifteen miles from it, and she thought it was a mile or
so away. It looked like it was just hanging in the air.

My son, recently discharged from the Air Force, was stationed at Nellis and
agrees with my perceptions in this matter.



From: CammoDude <>
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 1997 23:37:11 -0600

[To Glenn Campbell]

I am currently reading a fiction book titled "AREA 51"
I just thought you would enjoy knowing you were fictionally
named "Mr. Franklin" a pest toward the government leading
people to AREA 51, until you were captured and killed by
the cammodudes, the government then claimed you were in a
car accident while taking another man, out there. Ohh..
I didnt think it was to nice that they made you seem, greedy.
They made it look in the book as if you had not allowed
the man to take his camera, yet you took yours, so that
if there was something to see, you would have
the only photos. It also goes into detail on how the
sensors on the road work. Very close to what you describe
in the Viewers Guide.They were only off by a few hundreths
on the frequency.. Lazar was named "Jarvis" and he worked
as a source to release stories for the U.S government..
It was overall a good book in the beggining. Though
it became very unbelievabletoward the end. I am now
in the last few chapters where I have found it boring,
with 3 people defeating all the security at NORAD.
But... It was funny seeing the fictional characters..
The book is by. ROBERT DOHERTY.. good for 6.95

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