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Cannon AFB UFO Story: "Why Did You Do It?"

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 07:36:58 -0800
Subject: Cannon AFB UFO Story: "Why Did You Do It?"

[Posted with permission]

Subject: Cannon AFB
From: "Granger, John" <>
To: "''" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 07:47:59 -0500


I've been reading the Desert Rat for the past several years and have
"lurked" through newsgroups following your escapades and those of the
people you've written about. I've kept a little story to myself that I
thought would be pretty unbelieveable but not terribly exciting.

Having just read a note from an individual that had been stationed at
Cannon AFB I decided to commit my comments to email.

I was stationed at Cannon AFB from 1965 to 1968 as a computer programmer
but I do not remember exactly when the following event took place. I was
in the 832nd Combat Support Group.

I also worked part time in the nearby town of Clovis New Mexico as a
disk jockey for a radio station.

One night I was awoken in the middle of the night by the military police
and taken to a building I'd never been in on the base. A couple people
in civilian clothes asked me "why I did it?" I asked "what do you think
I did?". They then repeated the question and this exchange repeated
itself for a while.

I did not have any idea what they were talking about but finally asked
if they would mind calling the lieutenant that ran my section and asking
him to come down.

Pretty soon he came in the room (without the others) and said "they
claim you reported a flying saucer to the radio station you work for".

I was stunned... I asked him what flying saucer they were talking about
and this is the story:

A civilian, near the airbase, spotted a UFO hovering extremely low over
a half completed hospital that was being constructed on the base. The
civilian called the radio station I worked for and reported it. The disk
jockey called the news director for the station and he called the
control tower at the base (whose phone number was supposedly not
available) for confirmation. He was told by a controller that they not
only saw it on radar but had visually confirmed it also. He then
reported this to one of the news services who ran the story in the
middle of the night.

The investigators apparently tried to determine the connection between
the airbase and the radio station and came up with me. I knew nothing
about any of this except that the new hospital was about a block away
from my barracks and I knew nothing about the actual event.

Adding to my trouble was that the news director either did not know or
would not say who the call came from. He finally swore that it was not
me and I was then freed.

John Granger

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