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Cult Members' Area 51 Meeting: Unknown

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 16:07:19 -0800
Subject: Cult Members' Area 51 Meeting: Unknown

In the previous posting, an AP article says that the Heaven's Gate
cult members came to Las Vegas in late February, possibly to attend
a public meeting regarding Area 51.

None of us here in town can figure out what that meeting was.  We
would have certainly known about it.

The only UFO-related meeting we know of around then was the
monthly meeting of the local MUFON chapter, on Feb. 24.  It happens
that I was the speaker that evening, but I did not talk about
Area 51.  There were maybe 40-50 at the meeting, a few of whom
were new faces, but no one stood out.

The LA Times says the whole cult visited Las Vegas.  It is
possible that a couple of them could have been at our meeting, but
not the whole group.  I have the original LA Times article, but
it does not indicate where the info came from.  It just says
"may have been drawn" to Vegas for "a public meeting to discuss
Area 51."

Our meeting may have been noted on my What's New page as
an Upcoming Event, but I'm not sure.  In any case, it would
have been only a date and a single line: "Glenn Campbell
speaks at MUFON Las Vegas, 7pm, Spring Valley Library."
There would have been no mention of Area 51, although my
name could have implied it.

I like to think that I'm the sort of person that a cult like
that would look up to.  Proving such a connection would put
me right up there with - Art Bell!


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