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Balloon at Cannon AFB

From: Jeff Colbert <>
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 08:27:06 -0800
Subject: Balloon at Cannon AFB

[Re: "Sno-Cone" sighting ]

I was stationed there from '87 to '90 and saw the balloons several
times. I lived in Melrose which is a little town in-between Clovis
and Fort Sumner (Billy the Kid's supposed grave). One time on a trip
to Santa Rosa I saw them filling one of the balloons. The airport that
they launch from is just north of town on the right hand side of the
road as you head north to Santa Rosa. Impressive sight, especially
at dusk when the sky is dark and the balloon is bright in the sky.
Nothing mysterious, but another impressive sight was seeing A-10's
practicing at night with their 30mm cannons. Looked like a death-ray!

Jeff Colbert

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