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Arizona sightings, and Hale-Bopp silliness

From: Ian Kennedy 
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 16:16:43 -0800
Subject: Arizona sightings, and Hale-Bopp silliness

I saw the piece on "Strange Universe" and have seen many MUFON folks,
including a poster to this mailing list rave about the tapes. My spin:

1- Could they be flares? You bet. Why couldn't you see the plane
dropping them? Becuase is was VERY far away and consumer camcorders have
lame low-light ability and crappy resolution. If they were so far away
why were they so bright? Becuase they're designed that way : to
illuminate an entire battlefield.

2- But some went up! How could that be? Answer: Thermals. I've seen a
thermal suck a paper bag off the ground and carry it up thousands of
feet. I've experienced it forst hand in a sailplane. The atmosphere is
not static and it is VERY plausable for a flare, on a parachute to rise
in a column ot thermally active air. The southwest is "termal paradise"
for glider geeks.

Watching the video on "SU", It looked like a plane flying in a straight
line dropping flares. Even the first ones dropped were lower than the
last ones by the time the last ones appeared.

On another note : I was out watching the comet the other night when
these loosers got out of their car, looked at the comet and said (an
exact quote!) "I think I CAN see seomthing in the tail!" Sheesh.

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