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Phoenix Lights - Update from Bill Hamilton

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 18:49:40 -0800
Subject: Phoenix Lights - Update from Bill Hamilton

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Date: Mon, 07 Apr 97 08:09:16 -0700
Subject: Phoenix Lights - Update

                PHOENIX LIGHTS - UPDATE

At the risk of flaying a live horse...the Phoenix sightings
are alive and well with new revelations coming in.  Strange
Universe was back in town.  Tonight (Monday) they will air
parts of the first segment, then next Monday, a new segment
that will contain interesting new revelations.

Last week I believed I had discovered 3 events that took place
on the night of March 13th.  Now I believe there to be 4 events.
The fourth event was witnessed by a truck driver making a delivery
near Lunk AFB on the west side of the valley.  He observed large
amber lights he called objects that appeared to be the size of
the large hot-air balloons that we often see during the day
over our valley.  However, these had no hanging gondolas and
were illuminated from within.  These were accompanied by a
pulsing a red ring of light.  He witnessed 3 jets take-off
from Luke around 10 P.M. with afterburners flaming, climb
to the north, turn and head toward the unknown objects.
The objects acclerated quickly when the jets closed then
passed through empty air where the objects had been

Ahhh, but spokesmen from Luke AFB said:
1)  They received no calls about strange lights on the night in question
2)  They did not send up any jets (though we heard reports they were sent up)
3)  They do not fly jets at night unless they have special operations

And yet, a Colonel at Luke, when called by Strange Universe producer
Arte Shamamien, replied that maybe some rogue pilot was flying over
the urban areas with a light rig to fool people!  Huh!

The Governor of the state was called as well as the mayor of Phoenix
and the local FAA office.  What was this now, uhhh, you say happened
on March 13th?  Our governor was not informed.  Neither was the mayor.
As for getting the tapes from Skyharbor, by the time an FOIA process
is initiated, the tapes could be recycled, but then the tower said
nothing showed up on radar.

Another pair of witnesses in Mesa who saw event 2, the huge black triangle,
saw it without lights!  Most witnesses saw it moving slowly with 7 lights
on, now two saw it between locations flying fast without lights!

If you receive the television show "Strange Universe" on UPN, please try
to watch it next Monday night or get a friend to tape it.

UFOs are real, especially when they get up close and personal.


Bill Hamilton
Asst. State Director
Home e-mail:
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"It is easier to ridicule than investigate,
but not as profitable" - Alan

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