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Re: Fort Devens, Mass., CONCENTRATION CAMP

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 21:14:24 -0800
Subject: Re: Fort Devens, Mass., CONCENTRATION CAMP

>In the past month, the former site of Cutler Army Hospital has taken on
>a new look. Six foot bardbed-wire-topped fences, locked gates, and at
>least seven remote-operated surveillance cameras have been installed.
>But then there are the signs..."BUREAU OF PRISONS, UNITED STATES

It must have become.... A FEDERAL PRISON!

>A construction worker (whom I found urinating
>outside the prison compound and who was more than happy to talk) told me
>that there were 40 separate "containment areas" (his exact words)

Known as CELLS.  (Worker was PISSING, but that's not important now.)

>there that has been designed to accomodate prisoners.

Called a BASEMENT. (Sometimes a DUNGEON.)

>I pressed him to
>tell me who the prison was intended for, and I am convinced he told all
>that he knew when he said that it was "for people whom the Federal
>government has determined to be mentally unstable." In other words,
>Constitutionally-minded partiots are not exempt in the eyes of Uncle

Ah, yes.  I see the CONCENTRATION CAMP connection.  Who'd have thought
they could get away with that in Massachusetts, the BIRTHPLACE OF

Question: What is a "partiot"?  A party yacht?  Or part idiot?

>I desperately need other peoples' input concerning this. I have
>several full-color photographs of what can be seen from the road
>available and plan on making a VHS video either using night vision
>devices or during a day when there is little activity.

Or ask the neighbors.  Now that Fort Devens has gone civilian,
there ought to be plenty of witnesses.  Also check the local newspaper.
Prisons do not start up without a lot of public notice and paperwork.

>Anybody have any
>ideas? Respond by posting; any e-mail address above is false and will
>not send mail to me.

Clearly a Constitutionally-minded partiot?


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