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Area 51 Film On Strange Universe

From: (Stig Agermose)
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 21:39:53 +0200
Subject: Area 51 Film On Strange Universe

`Strange Universe' Devotes Entire Show on Monday, April 14 to Exclusive
Sneak Preview of Alien Interview Smuggled From Area 51

LOS ANGELES, April 10 /PRNewswire/ -- On Monday, April 14, "Strange
Universe" will broadcast an exclusive sneak preview of allegedly
smuggled footage from Area 51 of an alien interview. The footage is so
extraordinary that, for the first time since the launch of "Strange
Universe," an entire program will be devoted to a single topic.

Close encounter witnesses Whitley Strieber, Steve Neill, Jesse Long and
Alice Leavy viewed the footage and are interviewed as part of this
special program.

This "Strange Universe" exclusive will feature video from a six minute
piece of footage smuggled out of Area 51 by a mysterious person known
only as "Victor." Victor claims that he had "occasion to be there" and
took this while the entire contents of a massive series of interviews
with a number of alien creatures was being downloaded from video to

This video purports to be of an alien creature being filmed through a
one way mirror and being questioned by a U.S. General and a telepathic

Renee Barnett, "Strange Universe" director of research, stated, "I had
heard rumors about this video a few months ago but it was only this
week that we were able to obtain the right to broadcast a limited
segment of this extraordinary alien interview."

Famed author Whitley Strieber who wrote about his close encounter
experiences in the book, "Communion," (made into a motion picture
starring Christopher Walken) stated, "There are things about this
footage that are particularly striking. Some of the least known
features reported by witnesses are presented here. If this tape is not
authentic, then it must have been made by people with very special
inside knowledge."

Area 51 is alleged to be a top secret military installation in Nevada.
Until recently, the U.S. government denied that this underground base
even existed. Some believe that Area 51 is the center of the U.S.
government's clandestine UFO research.

"Strange Universe" is a syndicated half-hour daily newsmagazine
produced by Chris-Craft/United Television and distributed by RYSHER

SOURCE RYSHER Entertainment

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