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I saw a UFO televised by NASA once [fwd]

From: "J. Schafer" 
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 09:20:40 -0800
Subject: I saw a UFO televised by NASA once [fwd]

Badwater Bill wrote:
> I was just sending some email to a man who worked on the inside for
> most of his career.  We were discussing the government's apparent
> secrecy over the UFO issue and I remembered an event I saw as a kid
> that I will never forget.  I thought I'd just post it here and see
> what response I get from many of you.  I will never forget this event
> as long as I live.
> <<<<<<<<Dear XXXX:
> Thank you for your email.  I appreciate it.  Sounds like you had a
> great career in the middle of the space boom.  I wish I'd have been
> there myself.  I have worked a few launches of the shuttle however,
> and really enjoyed it.  I too have seen things I can't explain and I
> wish the DOD would open it up for us all.   I don't understand the
> reasoning behind keeping any of it secret.  Do you have any ideas on
> that?  I mean, so what if they release some data for us to evaluate.
> Do you think they have a lot of data?
> I just had a thought as I was writing this.  Back in the 60's I saw
> something  on TV one day.  There was an unmanned launch vehicle that
> was taking pictures and sending them to the national TV feed in
> real-time.  I was just a kid and I don't remember the exact launch or
> the mission.  Someone at the Cape was narrating each photo, then a
> saucer shaped object appeared in one photo.  The narrator said, "Oh
> and that's a........well that's just a........"  then he stopped and
> paused.  He got real nervous.  They immediately removed the picture.
> Then a moment later he said, "That's something wrong with the camera"
> or something to that effect.  The next day NASA changed their policy
> of allowing the real-time broadcast of any photos returned from any
> space vehicle.  They introduced a 15 second delay or something to that
> effect.  It was clearly a UFO.  I saw it and I'll remember it until I
> die.
> Why the secrecy around this issue?  I don't have a clue.>>>>>>
> Does anyone else remember this?  I'd sure like to hear from anyone
> else who might have been watching TV that day.  It might have been as
> early as 1965.
> Bill Phillips

Any info on the content of this letter?  Perhaps not UFO, but definitely
gov't coverup material.


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