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Alien Interview

From: Ian Kennedy 
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 01:04:28 -0700
Subject: Alien Interview

Seven reasons why I think this is bogus, based on what I saw on Strange
Universe (SU).

1 - Lighting sucked. Making a hoax a little (understatement?) easier.
2 - The light in the background that baffled the
UFO-investigator/abductee lady is a heart monitor. This just shows you
how bright some of these people are.
3- I've seen more objective reporting on Hard Copy.
4- The framerate as shown was much less than 30FPS. I assume the clip
was slowed down so it will play longer on TV. Meaning there were only a
handful of frames given to SU.
5 - They talk about the autopsy film supposedly shot at A51, but we all
know the A51 did not exist at the time of Roswell( 1947) . So it's
obvious the SU folks are pulling this stuff out of their collective
6 - "Victor" was not very convincing. His speech patterns sounded


The 4 "experts" were not exactly what I'd call convincing. Where was a
video analyst? Image processing expert? Instead they get some abductee
flakes and an alleged special effects designer(also an abductee SHEESH!
No credits given). Not exactly an impartial group!

Based on the few fuzzy frames shown this is totally worthless piece of

They certainly milked it for all it was worth though!

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