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Alien Interrogation at Area51?

From: "James R. Graham" 
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 97 00:56:05 -0700
Subject: Alien Interrogation at Area51?

Hi all,
I just saw the Strange Universe show on the 'alien interrogation at area
51.' For those of you who missed it, you didn't miss much. They only
showed at most ten seconds of the footage (but they sure got alot of
mileage out of it) and that consisted of what appeared to be a TV screen
with said alien (your typical grey, or rather brown) on it. In front of
this was what appeared to be some sort of monitor with a light that moved
up and down in a heartbeat like manner. Everything was very dark--I kind
of pictured the bowels of Area51 as more well-lit. The alien moved around
a little and fixed you with those puppy-dog eyes. There was no
discernable mouth or holes for the nose.

The show assembled a panel of 'experts' to give their commentary on the
entire footage (those lucky dogs were allowed to see the whole deal).
The panel consisted of (sorry for not getting the names): a hollywood
special effects guy (who also happened to be an abductee), a woman UFO
investigator, another male abductee, and Whitley Streiber. Also, they had
the man I refer to as the wizard-like, white-haired, ponytailed, NATO guy
(someone Dean). Whitley was very disturbed by the footage, stating that
if it was real then he was embarrassed for the human race for the
not-so-nice treatment the alien received.

They also had a taped 'silhouette' interview with 'Victor,' the fella who
smuggled the tape out--I hope that was a fake beard 'cause otherwise he's
toast. At one point, when the questioner began asking 'personal'
questions that might implicate 'Victor', 'Victor' stood up and declared
that the interview was "terminated." Aparently, they calmed him down a
bit to the point that he sat back down and answered the offending
question. Which was how he got the tape: they were transferring the data
from analog tape to 'digital disks' and this involved the data going
through a lower security area at which point he was able to get the tape
and wrap it around his hand. 'Victor' steadfastly refused to say why he
was able to go to Area51--whether he was an employee or a visitor.

For those of you who really want to see the footage--worry not! It will
be out on video this summer from Rocket Pictures (productions?).

What I think the bigger mystery is is why would a guy who risked his life
stealing USG property sell it to a rinky-dink (no offense) production
company rather than give it to Peter Jennings or one of the other
reputable news guys. I mean if the guy is in a postion to observe a live
alien at Area51, don't you think he would at least be making a decent

To be fair, I'll withhold my final judgement if I get to see all the
footage. It just smells fishy to me.

Cynical? Me? Naaaaaaaaaah.


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