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Re: "PYD" Radio Direction Beacon Near Groom Lake

From: Dan Zinngrabe 
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 07:31:08 -0800
Subject: Re: "PYD" Radio Direction Beacon Near Groom Lake

>Subj: PYD Found!!!
>Date: 97-03-15 18:45:44 EST
>From: (Don L. Davis)
>Mystery of PYD solved! I just returned from a conference in Las Vegas,
>where I was able to conclusively RDF the site of PYD 414. It is
>located (as was briefly alluded to) near Groom Lake in Nellis AFB,

That would be the "big radar" facility NW of the lakebed. This is
supposedly a large rotating antenna, and it does show up on most maps and
overhead photos (though I have yet to see anything with decent detail). One
of the currrent theories is that this is associated with a system for
in-flight radar cross section measurement- which would explain the beacon.
You'd want to use it somewhat like a waypoint or VOR to home in on from
various directions to get RCS measurements from different angles, speeds,


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